Getting to know Eric Pride- Your Personal Astrologer
Eric Pride first began studying astrology in 2004 when he came across a study program with a local metaphysical group. This introduction was the gateway to Eric’s quick passion for the art. Since then Eric has attended lectures and workshops across the United States from small group gatherings to the world’s largest astrological gathering, The United Astrology Conference.  In his free time Eric enjoys cooking, writing, camping, meditation, and visiting museums. Currently you can find Eric’s weekly horoscopes in Spiral Nature Magazine by going to http://www.spiralnature.com
* In 2014 Eric decided to take his astrology practice to the web, and created  Your Personal Astrologer.

–  RASA School of Astrology
– Intensive workshop training series at UAC, SOTA, and NCGR
– Personal mentor training received from 2004-2007
– Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology

Eric ascribes not only the NCGR, OPA, and ISAR code of ethics, but also has been classical trained in ethical standards while majoring psychology. To Eric the client confidentiality is as sacred as HIPPA, and holds all client data and conversations in the strictest of confidence, even with astrological colleagues. Eric also will not predict death, or utilize astrology to aid a person in violating any local, state, or federal laws.

With his background,  Eric looks at astrology as the answer to the mystery of human development and experience. This is something that the more modern discipline of psychology cannot answer. Given the long history of astrology, Eric prefers to utilize classical techniques in his interpretation. Modern research is fascinating and contributes a great deal to our art, however the thousands of years of astrological practice must be observed due to the accuracy of its foundations. As a whole, Eric approaches analysis of the chart based on cycles of the year to more fully understand the meaning in astrological interpretation, a skill he is grateful to have learned at the RASA School of Astrology.