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Choosing Your Personal Astrologer

Due to the personal nature of your relationship with an astrologer, whom you choose is as important as selecting a doctor, therapist, or lawyer. The professional relationship between an astrologer and client can last for one session or for an entire lifetime. Education, proficiency, and high ethical standards should be part of the selection process. Our dedicated team of astrologers takes great pride in each of these domains, and ensure that each reading is not only helpful, but also confidential, informative, adheres to the highest degree of accuracy, and productivity. Many first time clients can feel anxious about what to expect, and we understands this. Each of our astrologers gently guides individuals through the process to ensure you are both satisfied and empowered after each session.

Eric J. Pride, BA, Cert A.I.R

Getting to know Eric Pride- Your Personal Astrologer

Eric Pride was born and raised in Pennsylvania, in the United States where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He first began studying astrology in 2004 with a local metaphysics group. This introduction was the gateway to Eric’s quick passion for the arts. Eric has trained at the RASA School of Astrology, The International Academy of Astrology, and holds a Horary certificate from the Astrological Institute of Research.

Prior to the publication’s closure, Eric wrote a weekly astrology column for Spiral Nature Magazine. Eric has also lectured at NCGR and SOTA conferences. Over the last 4 years, he has been a frequent guest on the IGYN radio show. Recently he joined the panel for the Evolutionary Astrology group AstroSpeak. Eric spends most of his time now consulting, teaching, co-running the Lancaster Astrology MeetUp, and working on his research. . In his free time Eric enjoys cooking, writing, camping, meditation, and visiting museums. 

In 2014 Eric decided to take his astrology practice to the web, and created  Your Personal Astrologer.

Eric’s Approach to Astrology

With his background,  Eric looks at astrology as the answer to the mystery of human development and experience. This is something that the more modern discipline of psychology cannot answer. Through the years Eric has found that combination of modern and medieval techniques allows the stars to illuminate the past, the present, and the future. The idea of astrology  being able to predict future events has been a hotly debated topic among astrologers, with the majority of practice focusing on the psycho-analysis of the individual. Eric believes that while a psychological foundation assists in understand the energy of a situation or individual, it is prediction that allows individuals to prepare their futures through planetary analysis.

Lauren Dicair, MSW, NCGR-PAA Lv2

Getting to know Lauren Dicair- Your Personal Astrologer

Welcome! My name is Lauren Dicair. I’ve been a student, teacher, and practitioner of Astrology for more than 10 years. I hold a Level II certification from the National Council for Geocosmic Research’s Professional Astrologers’ Alliance (NCGR-PAA). My Astrology practice and understanding of the human psyche, need theory, and person-in-environment perspective is further informed by my Masters’ degrees in Clinical Social Work and Human Sexuality. 

In my leisure time, I love reading and have a penchant for memoirs and International existential fiction. I also enjoy working on crossword puzzles, watching mindless reality TV shows on TLC, and snuggling up with my fur-son, Burroughs on the couch. 

Most of us walk around with a limited narrative of who we are and what we are capable of. This mindset can prevent us from reaching our highest potential. Cosmic synergy is the process of expanding our understanding of ourselves by combining our innate knowledge of who we are with the wisdom of the cosmos. The language of Astrology is the key to unlocking this cosmic wisdom.

As a Cosmic Synergist, I am here to introduce you to Astrology and the ways it can validate and uplift your innermost voice – the one that speaks your truth about what you need in order to experience your best life. 

Lauren’s Approach to Astrology

More than likely, you’ve come for a consultation because you’re feeling lost or stuck or uncomfortable with where you are in your life journey. Or, you could simply be playfully curious about what the cosmos have to say about who you are. Whatever the reason, your Astrology chart consultation is meant to be a space to help you safely explore the exciting possibilities of life before you and what you need in order to make them a reality. 
Your birth chart is a blueprint of the sky at the time of your birth. The placement of the planets and other sensitive cosmic points within your chart are a reflection of your potential strengths and potential challenges. There are two sides of every planetary coin that you have the free will to manifest – an unhealthy, destructive expression or a healthy, constructive expression. You and I will explore how you’re currently manifesting these energies and we will work together combining your knowledge of self and the knowledge of the cosmos to put you on the path of making the best out of your birth chart, thus connecting you to your best self! Cosmic synergy!  We will also take a look at what areas of your chart are being lit up by the current and upcoming planetary transits and how you can make the most of these energies.
Whether the focus is on your finances, relationships, career path, health or just your overall purpose in life, the end goal of your consultation is for you to leave feeling validated and outfitted with a fresh perspective to help you take on the world.

I look forward to meeting you!

Paul Kelly, PhD, NCGR-PAA Lv1

Getting to know Paul Kelly- Your Personal Astrologer

Paul is a Philadelphia area native with a PhD in geography from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and NCGR-PAA Level I certification in astrology. In addition to reading charts for clients and students, he fills online orders at Nordstrom and teaches lifelong learning classes in astrology, Pennsylvania geography, and travel/sense of place literature. He has a passion for native plants, gardening, and photography.

Paul is passionate about educating others and often includes basic educational material with his readings, so that the client can refer often to their own chart and share their understanding with others. Paul has presented lectures to multiple groups throughout the Northeast, including Boston NCGR, the Astrological Society of Princeton, the Big Apple Astrology Meetup group, the Philadelphia NCGR chapter, and the Baltimore Astrological Society. He is currently working on NCGR-PAA’s Level II certification and creating a series of introductory astrology videos for NCGR’s YouTube channel, NCGR – The Geocosmic. He served as Vice President of the Philadelphia NCGR chapter from 2014 until 2019, where he organized a retreat and several speaker events. He is currently a member of the Baltimore Astrological Society.

Paul’s Approach to Astrology

When reading charts, Paul strives to deepen the client’s understanding of themselves and provide context and meaning for their experiences. He accomplishes this by listening to the client and connecting what they say to things in their chart. This becomes a starting point for discussions that bring the interpretations suggested by the chart together with the actual experiences of the client, in ways that validate the client’s self-awareness, provide perspective, and suggest ways forward in life.

When Paul prepares for a reading, he takes time to study the structure of a chart in detail, familiarizing himself with its themes and also to the parts of it which might be most relevant to the client then and in the near future. Paul’s clients have expressed appreciation for the work that goes into preparing the reading and the insight, sensitivity, and depth he brings to his interpretations.

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