Below is a list of my services, which can be ordered right here!

For your first reading please make sure you have an accurate birth time, along with the date and location of your birth. This is essential in providing you with the most accurate consultation possible (Please see below if you do not know your birth time). Also, once payment is received I will contact you with a confirmation so we can schedule an appointment or you can select an appointment immediately on Facebook Booking for the consultation. I am available via Skype, Google Hangout, or phone for consultations.


– Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (via paypal)

– Check or money order: Special requests for check or money orders can be arranged. However, I cannot conduct the session until after your payment is received and cleared by the bank.


  • Consultations include a complimentary copy of your chart.
  • Price includes the time I spend working on your chart prior to our appointment as well as the 60- 90 minutes we spend together.

28 Page Natal Report: $12

Unsure about having an astrology reading? This 28 page report gives you an introduction to your natal chart that explores your personality, drives, talents, strengths and weaknesses. It’s a great way to see some of what astrology can do. The total number of pages may vary slightly.

 Consultation: $85

General Consultations are perfect for your first reading as well as returning clients. The general consultation allows us to explore every area of your life, or to hone in on a specific question. Of course if you don’t have a specific question many clients prefer to request a general check-in to review what has been going on in their life, and what to expect in the next few months.

Child Analysis: $120

The child analysis gives parents or guardians an insight into the personality of the child, as well as what they will need from you to develop into a healthy and productive member of society. We can also glimpse into their talents so you can provide your child with the proper activities to stimulate growth and learning. This analysis also includes the very specialized dynamic to be expected in the relationship between you and your child.


Schedule a Consultation

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If you do not have your birth time, and you are in the United States you can petition the hospital in which you were born for the birth time, or write to the department of vital records. I am unsure of the resources in other countries, but believe it may be similar.

Should none of the above options be possible to utilize, please research “Chart Rectification”. Many astrologers offer this service, and if you would like a suggestion on who to see, please e-mail me with a request and I will get you in contact with a rectification expert. This is an extremely accurate service which will utilize the birth data you have in order to uncover the exact moment of your birth. Not convinced this works? Thousands of case studies have been performed where individuals who knew their time of birth had rectification sessions. These individuals found that the process was accurate to within a few seconds of their recorded birth time.