Meet Lauren

Lauren Dicair, MSW, NCGR-PAA Lv2

Getting to know Lauren Dicair- Psychological/Relationship Astrologer

Welcome! My name is Lauren Dicair. I’ve been a student, teacher, and practitioner of Astrology for more than 10 years. I hold a Level II certification from the National Council for Geocosmic Research’s Professional Astrologers’ Alliance (NCGR-PAA). My Astrology practice and understanding of the human psyche, need theory, and person-in-environment perspective is further informed by my Masters’ degrees in Clinical Social Work and Human Sexuality. 

In my leisure time, I love reading and have a penchant for memoirs and International existential fiction. I also enjoy working on crossword puzzles, watching mindless reality TV shows on TLC, and snuggling up with my fur-son, Burroughs on the couch. 

Most of us walk around with a limited narrative of who we are and what we are capable of. This mindset can prevent us from reaching our highest potential. Cosmic synergy is the process of expanding our understanding of ourselves by combining our innate knowledge of who we are with the wisdom of the cosmos. The language of Astrology is the key to unlocking this cosmic wisdom.

As a Cosmic Synergist, I am here to introduce you to Astrology and the ways it can validate and uplift your innermost voice – the one that speaks your truth about what you need in order to experience your best life. 

Lauren’s Approach to Astrology

More than likely, you’ve come for a consultation because you’re feeling lost or stuck or uncomfortable with where you are in your life journey. Or, you could simply be playfully curious about what the cosmos have to say about who you are. Whatever the reason, your Astrology chart consultation is meant to be a space to help you safely explore the exciting possibilities of life before you and what you need in order to make them a reality. 
Your birth chart is a blueprint of the sky at the time of your birth. The placement of the planets and other sensitive cosmic points within your chart are a reflection of your potential strengths and potential challenges. There are two sides of every planetary coin that you have the free will to manifest – an unhealthy, destructive expression or a healthy, constructive expression. You and I will explore how you’re currently manifesting these energies and we will work together combining your knowledge of self and the knowledge of the cosmos to put you on the path of making the best out of your birth chart, thus connecting you to your best self! Cosmic synergy!  We will also take a look at what areas of your chart are being lit up by the current and upcoming planetary transits and how you can make the most of these energies.
Whether the focus is on your finances, relationships, career path, health or just your overall purpose in life, the end goal of your consultation is for you to leave feeling validated and outfitted with a fresh perspective to help you take on the world.

I look forward to meeting you!

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