Meet Paul

Paul Kelly, PhD, NCGR-PAA Lv1

Getting to know Paul Kelly- Person-centered Astrologer

Paul is a Philadelphia area native with a PhD in geography from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and NCGR-PAA Level I certification in astrology. In addition to reading charts for clients and students, he fills online orders at Nordstrom and teaches lifelong learning classes in astrology, Pennsylvania geography, and travel/sense of place literature. He has a passion for native plants, gardening, and photography.

Paul is passionate about educating others and often includes basic educational material with his readings, so that the client can refer often to their own chart and share their understanding with others. Paul has presented lectures to multiple groups throughout the Northeast, including Boston NCGR, the Astrological Society of Princeton, the Big Apple Astrology Meetup group, the Philadelphia NCGR chapter, and the Baltimore Astrological Society. He is currently working on NCGR-PAA’s Level II certification and creating a series of introductory astrology videos for NCGR’s YouTube channel, NCGR – The Geocosmic. He served as Vice President of the Philadelphia NCGR chapter from 2014 until 2019, where he organized a retreat and several speaker events. He is currently a member of the Baltimore Astrological Society.

Paul’s Approach to Astrology

When reading charts, Paul strives to deepen the client’s understanding of themselves and provide context and meaning for their experiences. He accomplishes this by listening to the client and connecting what they say to things in their chart. This becomes a starting point for discussions that bring the interpretations suggested by the chart together with the actual experiences of the client, in ways that validate the client’s self-awareness, provide perspective, and suggest ways forward in life.

When Paul prepares for a reading, he takes time to study the structure of a chart in detail, familiarizing himself with its themes and also to the parts of it which might be most relevant to the client then and in the near future. Paul’s clients have expressed appreciation for the work that goes into preparing the reading and the insight, sensitivity, and depth he brings to his interpretations.

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