Scheduling with Paul

To schedule an appoint with Paul please email him at

Astrology Services


Around 30 minutes. $40. An introduction to your natal chart. Includes a copy of your
birth chart, a brief explanation of the symbols, and an interpretation emphasizing one or
two major themes.

Full chart reading

Around 2 hours. $150. A more detailed explanation and interpretation of your birth chart
(also called a natal chart), emphasizing major themes and interesting details. Plus, a
look at current energies affecting you and areas to keep an eye on in the coming

Solar return chart*

For clients who have already had a natal chart reading. $60. About 1 hour. An
interpretation of the year ahead, as revealed in your astrological birthday chart.
*A solar return chart is created for the moment the sun reaches the same zodiacal
position it was in when you were born, which happens within a day or so of your
calendar birthday. Solar return chart readings are typically scheduled within a month or
two of one’s birthday.

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