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For thousands of years it was common for ancient Kings, Queens, and Emperors to have a court astrologer. The role of these astrologers was to predict, advise, and counsel the royal court. In that grand tradition you too can have your very own personal astrologer available to answer questions and help to guide you. This as-needed service is fantastic for those who wish they could just summon an expert to answer a range of burning questions. Imagine being able to send a message or call your very own personal astrologer when faced with a challenging question, decision, uncertainty. Hiring on retainer gives you the freedom to check in as necessary while having the security of knowing you have someone who can give you insight and an edge over your life.

Benefits of Exclusive Access

  • Bypass the booking calendar for faster access to answers
  • Discounts on all products and services
  • Exclusive personalized power calendar for 12 month subscribers

Services are available on a 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month basis. The price and payment plans are fully customizable to meet your needs and budget.

Please don’t hesitate to reach for more information, questions, or to get a quote on a plan.

Example Plan

What others are saying

“ I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reached out to Eric with when I was unsure about what was going on in my life. He is always there to explain exactly what’s going on, and what to expect”

“ Large purchases are daunting and I was getting ready to purchase a new car as mine had just broken down (though I should have listened to Eric when he suggested I buy one 6 months earlier). I had narrowed my search to two, so I reached out to see which one would be the most reliable. Eric said neither seemed to be good, but suggested that I go with a 3rd vehicle I had looked at. Hesitantly, I told him that there was a 3rd in my price range, but it wasn’t interested in it. He encouraged me to take it for a test drive, and BAM… I was immediately in love and got a bonus discount as well.”

“ One of the greatest features of having a personal astrologer is being able get in touch with him when I lose things, which happens often. He’s always right on the money with where I’ve mislaid or misplaced my wallet, jewelry, and even once my birth certificate!”

“ A few months ago I was scheduled for surgery on my spine, and was super scared about the process, and if it was going to go well. I called up Eric and he ran a few charts. He told me that my surgery might be delayed and then take a bit longer than expected but would be successful. Eric stated that the pain afterwards was clearly illustrated, but manageable. He was right, I waited 4 extra hours before going in and then was in surgery for an extra 50 minutes due to extra scrapping they hadn’t anticipated. I can’t say if the pain was more or less than normal, but it certainly was manageable.”

“ My dog had been acting odd, and had begun to lose control of their bowels, and was lethargic. I knew I was going take him to the vet, but wanted to know what they outcome would be. Eric explained that as a general rule he doesn’t predict death but the chart did not look great, and we might want to consider going directly to a specialist. At the vet’s office we found out that his organs were failing due to a heart condition. The chance for recovery was slim, even if we took him to a vet cardiologist. We made the difficult decision not to put him through that. While it wasn’t the outcome I was looking for, Eric was both kind and honest with what we might expect.”

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