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Close up of natal chart.

Natal Astrology Certificate Program

Date/Time: Tuesday evening 7pm-9pm November 3rd, 2020- January 19th 2021 (12 weeks)

Location: Online Live Classes

Class Description: The all-inclusive program provides you with the foundations and skills to use astrology to empower yourself and others through planetary analysis. Taking a practical approach, this course puts aside the outdated methods of rote memorization, and will get you reading a chart on the first day! Each lesson and homework assignment builds upon the other as you piece together your own natal chart as a working example. Through humor, play, and real world examples you will learn how to string together the language of the stars, and confidently interpret planetary patterns and influences. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion recognizing your achievement.

What’s Included? 24hrs of Live Classes, Course Manual, Charts, Private Online Study Group, Signed Certificate

Natal Astrology Certificate Program

Upon enrollment please provide me with your preferred e-mail address, mailing address for your certificate, and your birth data for your class chart (Date, Time of Birth, and Location of Birth) If you do not wish to use your own, or are unsure of your birth time feel free to utilize one of a friend, family member.


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