Eric’s Testimonials

J in New Jersey Eric is an excellent astrologer. So loving, sympathetic, and beyond understanding. He is so patient and willing to answer questions to make sure you understand what is going on in your chart. He is the best. I have gone to him for quite a few years and will keep going to him for many years to come.

F in Pennsylvania I have been coming to Eric yearly since 2016 and I have to say that his ability to help me work through what to expect each year has helped navigate some really confusing times for me. His care, compassion, and concern is unlike any other reader I have ever utilized. He even sent me an e-mail to see how I was doing during a particularly rough Saturn return I was having.

D in Pennsylvania Thank you so much! I had my reading with a month ago. His accuracy is amazing, and I will be back again for another at the end of the summer

F in Canada Very positive, accurate, and helpful astrology chart reading! Very insightful. Certainly knows his skill. Thank you!

W in Ohio Eric is awesome! He was spot on as always! He gave me a lot of insight in why I have been feeling certain ways and things that have been happening and what to expect in the near future and insight into what things to be cautious of and things to embrace for an upcoming interview. I highly recommend Eric!!

K in Michigan WOW!!! my second reading with Eric and he was totally prepared with my birth information and a current chart and threw SO MUCH really helpful information my way on upcoming transits. answered my questions, suggested that now is a really good time for self improvement and gave a timeline for a possible inheritance. How could it get any better than that? Oh, and he also made me smile.

M in Australia Eric Pride a talented and experienced Astrologer. In my opinion the best. His readings are very insightful. The explanations are informative, detailed, accurate and easy to follow and put into physical world context. He is an excellent communicator and very fast with performing real time astrological interpretations and readings. If you are interested in your Natal Chart, current Transits, or a Horary Reading. I can highly recommend a reading and I don’t say this lightly as I myself am a student of Astrology.

V in Texas: Honest, thorough, accurate and personable. Eric Pride is the astrologer I’ve been searching to find for the longest time. His transit interpretations are unbelievable and he will shock you with the amount of content he is able to share, including dates. Thank you for the reading!!

P in California: Eric is just amazing! His knowledge of astrology is astonishing! So accurate and in detail. He can tell even the smallest details to a T!! He is the best astrologer I have ever came across!

Z in Washington: This was my third reading with Eric. OMG, what he told me the other day was what just happened to me! Eric told me that this person whom I have phone appointment may not answer the phone. Because he will get sleepy that time and he may fall asleep. Well, he didn’t answer the phone. And later, I found out the reason why. He almost fell asleep while driving, so he stop the car and took a nap and missed the appointment! I can’t believe Eric’s accuracy!! He is brilliant!!

P in Pennsylvania: So many surprises by his chart matching with my past incidents! He is spot on and knows astrology deeply. That plus him being very intuitive makes his reading very very clear!

A in California: Thank you so much!!!! great astrologer!! will go with you again look forward to more readings!! he was accurate to the point does no sugar coat!!!

B in Arizona: Woooow What a privilege to talk to such a highly accomplished astrologer, nothing like someone who really knows the field! 100 stars!

N in California: he is real good. don’t know how he knows so much. Great astrologer..will be back for sure..this was my second reading with him & hes so good:):)

N in New York: he has got very good knowledge about astrology. better than soo many others. He’s a real deal!!!

A in Australia: He was really good, very accurate and made a lot of sense! Would recommend him to everyone! 🙂

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