Meet Eric

Eric J. Pride, BA, Cert A.I.R

Getting to know Eric- Predictive Astrologer

Eric Pride was born and raised in Pennsylvania, in the United States where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He first began studying astrology in 2004 with a local metaphysics group. This introduction was the gateway to Eric’s quick passion for the arts. Eric has trained at the RASA School of Astrology, The International Academy of Astrology, and holds a Horary certificate from the Astrological Institute of Research.

Prior to the publication’s closure, Eric wrote a weekly astrology column for Spiral Nature Magazine. Eric has also lectured at NCGR and SOTA conferences. Over the last 4 years, he has been a frequent guest on the IGYN radio show. Recently he joined the panel for the Evolutionary Astrology group AstroSpeak. Eric spends most of his time now consulting, teaching, co-running the Lancaster Astrology MeetUp, and working on his research. . In his free time Eric enjoys cooking, writing, camping, meditation, and visiting museums. 

In 2014 Eric decided to take his astrology practice to the web, and created  Your Personal Astrologer.

Eric’s Approach to Astrology

With his background,  Eric looks at astrology as the answer to the mystery of human development and experience. This is something that the more modern discipline of psychology cannot answer. Through the years Eric has found that combination of modern and medieval techniques allows the stars to illuminate the past, the present, and the future. The idea of astrology  being able to predict future events has been a hotly debated topic among astrologers, with the majority of practice focusing on the psycho-analysis of the individual. Eric believes that while a psychological foundation assists in understand the energy of a situation or individual, it is prediction that allows individuals to prepare their futures through planetary analysis.

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