Foundations of Astrology- 8 week online Class

Learning Astrology has never been easier!


Date/Time:  Every Tuesday June 4th, 2019- July 23rd, 2019


Class Description: Taking a practical approach, this foundation course puts aside the outdated methods of rote memorization, and will get you reading a chart on the first day! Each lesson builds upon the other as you piece together your own natal chart as a working example. Through humor, play, and real world examples you will learn how to string together the language of the stars, and confidently interpret planetary patterns and influences. At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion recognizing your achievement.

**When registering, please have your birth date, time of birth, and location of birth ready so I can provide you with your chart to work with in class. If you do not have all of the above information feel free to request a practice chart or have the birth data for someone you would like to use through the course. Below is the class schedule.

  1. The Chart’s Structure & Elemental Forms
  2. Zodiacal Energy
  3. The Planets in Action
  4. The 12 Houses
  5. Aspects: How Planets communicate
  6.  Aspects Part II & Essential Dignity
  7. Introduction to Forecasting
  8. Review and Group Delineation

Course cost includes digital copy of the manual and a mailed certificate upon completion.

Upon registration you will receive a link to the online platform, and code to enter the online classroom.


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Jupiter in Sagittarius Retrograde 2019

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Jupiter in Sagittarius Retrograde 2019- There’s no place like home.

The planet of luck and expansion stations retrograde on April 10th, 2019 and will move backwards in the heavens until August 11th, 2019. Most of the world cringes when they hear the word retrograde, and most likely due to the bad reputation Mercury has given it. When Jupiter is retrograde there is less confusion and chaos. Instead, it is a period of review and reform. Now is the time to uncover your own personal truths, and what your soul really wants out of life. The journey is similar to that of Dorothy’s in The Wizard of Oz. At the end she realizes that if she is ever going to go looking for her heart’s desire again, she won’t look any further than her own back yard.

Conquer Over Indulgence and Squash Addiction

In Sagittarius, our gut instinct is to find truth through travel, exploration, and philosophical inquiry. However, like Dorothy, in the end we will find that the answers we search for can be found within. Jupiter and Sagittarius both represent abundance, often have a difficult time with self-restraint. Those who are struggling with excess in their lives, will find it easier to conquer addiction and over indulgent lifestyles. The world stands at a crossroad, and it is possible to see the bigger picture right now. Make changes that are needed to get yourself back on the path you most desire. The cosmic gift of Jupiter is success, and when he is retrograde, it is more easily obtained.

Religious and Moral Reform

As a generational planet, we cannot ignore the impact Jupiter retrograde will have on society. In the sign of the philosopher, a movement towards discussions related to morality is likely. Around the world demonstrations, meetings, and policies related to moral conduct may make headlines now, especially those that are religiously based.

It is also possible larger religious organizations may make large doctrine changes to the faith. This was most clearly seen as Jupiter slowed during the beginning of the year and The Mormon Church underwent a name change and recently decided to allow children of LGBTQ+ couples to be baptized. The Methodist church also made a shocking announcement as Jupiter began to slow down with the removal of LGBTQ+ clergy and ban on same-sex marriage. As Jupiter continues to pick up speed more changes are promised, and it will be interesting to see what other religious overhauls take effect.


Infrastructure, Travel, and International Relations

Complications related to travel is not new news, particularly with the grounding of so many airplanes and mechanical issues. As Sagittarius rules international travel and foreign affairs, it is not surprising these began to make headlines as Jupiter slowed to a crawl in the wake of the most recent Mercury retrograde. From now until August we can anticipate more information, news, and large scale changes to the travel industry, particularly when it comes to long distance travel. Of course airlines will not be the only ones affected. Roadways and infrastructure is due for an overhaul, along with other forms of mass transit. This may include, ships, railways, buses, and highways. It’s time to innovate these areas of society, and the heavens promise exciting changes.

Jupiter in Sagittarius also has oversight over international relations. This can bring new bonds between nations, and increased cooperation between governments. With the shaky state of the world, this is happy news. Travel reform between nations will change before the end of the year, and moral influence across nations are due to play out over the summer. Immigration is also overseen by Sagittarius, and while the fight will continue, it is likely governments between nations will come to a mutual understanding, as opposed to single nation interventions.

To find out how Jupiter retrograde will affect you personally schedule a consultation today by clicking HERE

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When SHEAT Hits the Fan- A Special Mercury Retrograde


          Mercury retrogrades are always an important period to pay attention to. It initiates a period of reflection, consolidation, and review. At its best, it gives the world a chance to get their proverbial ducks in a row, and tie up loose ends. The struggle often associated with Mercury moving backwards in the heavens is misunderstandings, transportation issues, accidents, and the general feeling of life slowing to a glacial crawl. For those of you who ready my horoscopes in the Spiral Nature Magazine you’ll know I don’t believe in the fear mongering that’s typically associated with Mercury retrograde. However, this is a very special retrograde that requires a unique analysis of what to expect.

Mercury has been slowing down the last few weeks and on the 5th of March, 2019 it will make an apparent stop in the heavens before it begins moving backwards. It is this “stop”, or as astrologers like to call it, a station, that is of particular interest. Mercury is not standing still in an empty space in the heavens. It will instead make it’s stop in alignment with the fixed star Sheat. Ancient astrologers observed that this star can create floods, shipwrecks, and travel accidents. When it combines with Mercury we are likely to see many accidents, escapes by water, and of course trouble caused through written and verbal communications.

This sets the tone for the entire Mercury retrograde period and does not bode well for much of the planet over the next several weeks. Mercury will station direct on 28th March 2019. However, it will not leave its final retrograde shadow till 16th April 2019. Mercury rules movement, travel, speech, and thought. It is essentially the fan of the zodiac, projecting information outward. As Mercury projects the energy of this fixed star, one dramatic disaster after another is likely. We can expect to see and hear of issues with water, disastrous speeches, and possibly chaos to the travel industry.

Water signs, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio escape the tension of this fixed star, and instead will benefit from the happier influence Sheat brings, which is mental dexterity and creativity.  These signs can take the Sheat that is being projected from Mercury and turn it into productive manure to create something better. Even in the most chaotic periods, an important lesson can be learned. The lesson with Sheat is to plan head, improve security, and have a way out.

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Uranus in Taurus- Revolutionizing Resources and Sustainability

uranus in taurus

The world got a sneak peak of Uranus in Taurus from May 15th, 2018 to November 6th, 2018. Uranus is the planet of upset, change, electricity, innovation, and revolution. Taurus rules money, personal security, and natural resources. Our first look of Uranus in Taurus brought the shocking news of the US-China trade war and a banner year for marijuana legalization in Canada. There was also the shocking decline in the value of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Uranus spends approximately 7 years in each sign, which rules over the general mood and outlook of societies during that period. Previously, Uranus had been in Aries, which sparked a great deal of social movements and aggression towards inequality and the disenfranchised individual. As Uranus moves from personal identity to personal resources several themes are likely to develop. First, political correctness and excessive feelings of being offended are due to fade into the background. Of course, the progress made for human decency will stay, there will be less radical outcry seen in the world. Instead, outcry will begin to focus on natural resources, pay inequality, and food supplies.

It will then spend the majority of its time in Taurus from March 6th, 2019 to July 7th, 2025. However, before looking at where we are going, it is important to understand a bit about what the world experienced the last time Uranus was in Taurus. From 1934-1942 financial security was shaken with the Great Depression, Dust Bowl, and World War II. Of course, the entire astrological landscape this time around will now mirror that of the past. So it is safe to say that war, famine, and depression are not necessarily promised. However, we can be certain similar themes will repeat. Uranus will shake up financial markets across the globe, and will force the world to question the role of money. The next 7 years will mark a period where major gains and massive losses will be able to be made in markets.


As Uranus rules technology and Taurus rules money there is a very good chance that the way the world thinks and utilizes money will change. Already many establishments are less frequently accepting cash, and that is likely to continue. We may even see the end of paper currency by the end of Uranus’ transit in Taurus. The first pass of Uranus here brought a dip in the value of cryptocurrencies, and that volatility is likely to continue. Nothing is stable when Uranus is in play. Even with the chaos of Uranus, digital currencies are likely to become more popular, public, and useable in our everyday lives. While this astrologer is not suggesting the world should dump their entire life savings into digital currency. It might not be a bad idea to pay close attention to it right now and make a modest investment.

Natural Resources

The fact of life on earth is that we have limited natural resources, and with Uranus moving into Taurus this will become more evident. Over the next 7 years amazing advancements in wind, solar, and renewable energy will take center stage. Much of this is likely to occur because of global movements by the public to cease the use of fossil fuels. Innovative ways to look at protecting our environment will come during this time, and it will finally be clear how to integrate them into the global economy. Of course, financial upsets occur here as well, and it is much more likely to manifest as discomfort during growth as opposed to a depression of the 1930’s.

The world should also be aware that natural disasters related to our resources are more likely to occur during this period. Oil spills, and earthquakes that destroy resources may come in order to force us to find alternative sources.


Security of all kinds from personal and financial to governmental and border will continue to make headlines. In Uranus, new technology will allow us to change the way we handle and even understand what makes us feel safe. We can expect changes in the way we identify ourselves with identification cards, to smart borders, airports, and even building entrances.“Big Brother” technologies are also likely to become more prevalent, which will inspire more “off the grid” living and people look for ways to feel safe in their own homes.  No matter how it manifests, we can be certain that people around the world will need to change the way they look at what makes them feel safe and secure. “Big Brother technologies


Food is considered a resource, and over the last decade the vegetarian, vegan , free range meats, and non-GMO movements have gained a great deal of ground. Uranus in Taurus will likely bring more attention to an awareness of the safety of the foods we eat. The world can expect new studies and technologies related to food and nutrition. Previous movements can now solidify change globally towards less toxic eating. Home gardens, and innovative farming will rise, allowing people to grow their own foods no matter where they live.

What are your thoughts of Uranus in Taurus? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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The Astrology of Food and Flavor

photography of fruits on a tray

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on

Did you know that each sign of the zodiac has specific flavor preferences? Their pallet’s preference comes directly from their elemental profile. Medical Astrologers utilize these preferences to understand the dietary needs and restrictions for the native’s chart. Each sign is ruled by one of the four classical elements, has a modality, and ruling planet. The synthesis of this information not only provides us with a psychological understanding of the native, but also the foods and flavors they will prefer. As a general rule of thumb Fire signs prefer hot, adventurous, or spicy foods. Earth signs prefer decedent foods that are both salty and savory. Air signs are drawn towards light and crisp flavors that are sweet. Water signs crave comfort foods rich in cheeses, carbohydrates, and heavy sauces.

The elemental profile provides us with only a small piece of information related to flavor and food preferences. Astrologers also look at the modality of the sign. Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable energies give us the second layer. Cardinal signs are open to trying new flavors, and will prefer unusual , new, or foreign foods. Fixed signs don’t stray too far outside their comfort zones and often rely on traditional, simple, and familiar flavors. Mutable signs often prefer softer foods that drip, melt, and can be easily reheated. Finally, Astrologers consider the planet that rules each sign to understand the flavor profile for each sign. Together, these three points create a comprehensive picture of what foods rule each sign.

It is important to remember that your Sun sign alone is not strong enough to determine what foods you will enjoy or should avoid, though it is often the case. The entire natal chart needs to be considered so that a score can be calculated to determine which sign rules your chart.

Below is a limited introduction to some of the flavors preferred by each sign


Spicy – Quick Meals – Appetizers – Protein


Savory – Chocolate – Creams – Potatoes


Leafy Greens – Crunchy – Salty – Fruits


Potatoes – Cheeses – Soups – Pasta


Orange Flavors – Beef – Corn – Watermelon


Tomatoes – Baked Goods – Green Beans – Raspberries


Apples – Seafood – Nuts – Cakes


Mushrooms – Root Vegetables – Shellfish – Frozen Treats


Quinoa – Stir Fry – Sushi – Cranberry


Poultry – Mint – Chestnut – Broccoli


Wild Rice – Pizza – Grapes – Parsley


Honey – Sweet Potatoes – Gravy – Tofu

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Venus Retrograde: Testing Relationships October 5th- November 16th


On October 5th the planet Venus will station retrograde at 10° Scorpio. This occurs approximately every 18 months and is the planet with the longest travel between retrogrades. Because of this, astrologers pay attention when it happens.

When the planet of relationships, values, and self-worth moves backwards in the heavens, relationships are tested. It is a time to examine who is truly important in our lives, as well as who no longer serves our highest good. Old friend and lovers may also return during this cycle. This allows us the opportunity to tie up loose ends with these individuals.


In Scorpio, issues surrounding intimacy may also arise. Serious conversations about sexuality occur as well. Becoming close to others is challenging, and starting new relationships is ill-advised. Relationships that have been rocky may come to an end as jealous, obcessive, and suspicious energy runs high. Problematic relationships won’t be the only ones to suffer right now. Even the happiest relationshps come under fire. The best course of action to get through is to recognize that the tension won’t last. In fact, it will be cleared up in time for the holidays.

Venus also rules values and wealth, which can give us a clue into sublte changes in the global economy. Scorpio rules the oil industry, mining, and tunnels. Over the next 40 days complications in these industries are likely to arise. With that petrol, metals, and precious gem prices are likely to increase. As gas prices rise this can also raise the prices of general goods. It would be wise to both budget and economize for the next month.

To find out how the Venus retrograde is affecting your personal chart schedule order your personalized consultation today

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Forecast for the United States

Aries Ingress

In Mundane astrology ancient astrologers utilized the position of the heavens when the Sun entered Aries to forecast the upcoming 12 months of a nation. This chart is known as the Aries Ingress chart. In the United States the Sun will enter Aries on March 20th at 12:16am eastern. The location of the chart is set for Washington DC as it is the seat of our nation’s leadership. Here I will review some of my own thoughts about what to expect in the United States from March 20th, 2018- March 19th, 2019

First Impressions

                The first thing I looked at with this chart was the heliacal rising and setting stars. It seems they may indicate they overall theme from now till next March. The rising star Deneb Algedi is said to bring turmoil with enemies disguised as friends, as well as financial loss, and deep worry related to children. Certainly we can already see the concern for children starting to really come to the forefront with the current school gun violence debates. But I do worry that the false friends this star brings could be pointing towards China and North Korea. The setting star is Regulus. Now this one is particularly interesting as it rises in the natal chart of our current president. When it sets, it is said to diminish in power and create an end to great honor. As it opposes the Sun, this could spell a great deal of trouble for our government, and possibly the president himself.

The American People

The Chart has a Cancer rising which gives the Moon as the Lord Of The Year. This year the Moon rules the people of our country. The Moon is well placed in Taurus however it is separating from a recent trine with Saturn. This aspect indicates that the majority of our population this year is moving away from patience and an un-paralleled strength to face adversity. While we certainly have seen many people coming out in numbers to confront social and political issues, these numbers are likely to increase with this aspect. The Moon’s position in the 11th house shows a connection between the population and our country’s allies. It would seem that the people of our country may start to move away from internal problem solving and look towards other areas of the world to see how conflict was handled. It’s amazing really; if you consider it were the original settlers of this country who inspired other countries when they sought freedom. The other side of this is the individual energy of the Moon in Taurus. It’s separating aspect to Saturn wants change, but in Taurus there is an undeniable need to preserve. This conflict between being grounding in a particular way (Moon in Taurus) and the need to break free (Moon separating trine from Saturn) could certainly bring much more tension building among American people.

It must also be noted that the Moon is aligned with the fixed star Alphard by paran. If you are unfamiliar with parans click HERE. Alphard is an ominous star that classically has foretold death and disaster by water. Last year we saw some of the most devastating natural disasters related to water with the wicked hurricane season, however this year could be much worse. We will want to be particularly vigilant when it comes to our water supplies, traveling by water, and natural gases and vapors that are made of water.


The second house of the chart is also ruled by the Moon so we will see some repeated themes from above. With the Moon in Taurus we are likely to see a boost in the sales market, particularly for comfort luxuries such as restaurants, linens, and clothing. Anything that is sold that can bring comfort will do well this year. The saving grace in all of this is the placement of the Part of Fortune in the financial sector of the chart. It typically brings with it great luck and success, however it is conjunct the North Node, which is a karmic point that teaches harsh lessons. As a whole it does not seem to indicate major financial disaster; however the choices we make this year will have lasting effects. If we do not deal with it properly, we could certainly see a huge financial crash as part of the 2020 Pluto return.


Our infrastructure includes our roads, bridges, tunnels, and mass transit systems. With Leo on the cusp of this house it is ruled by the Sun in Aries. The Sun has power by exaltation and triplicity making it a very strong and steady force. The Sun also makes a square to Mars in Capricorn. While this can create some tension, the Sun overpowers Mars and our infrastructures are likely to neither improve nor decline this year.

Health Systems

The health systems in the United States are ruled by Mars this year as Scorpio sits on the cusp of the 6th house. Even though Mars rules this house, the entire sign of Sagittarius falls in this house, giving Jupiter some power of this area as well. Looking first at Mars is falls in the 6th house and is in a very steady Capricorn. However, it is about to leave the 6th house, as Jupiter in the 5th is about to enter the 6th. This is a telling story of change where Mars represents the current status and Jupiter the potential change this year. Mars in Capricorn works towards reasonable goals, as it had been in a very debate heavy Sagittarius that can get rather aggressive. This certainly describes the drama and step by step transition to the Affordable Care Act. Jupiter this year will move into Sagittarius in November so it looks like a new direction in terms of our health systems could be shifting by the end of 2018. Chances are we will see these changes starting in early 2019 before the end of this chart.


The house of open enemies, which are enemies we know exists is ruled by Saturn as Capricorn is on the cusp. Here we see Saturn is in this house as well as Pluto. Above we discussed Mars moving out of the 6th. When it does that it will cross into this house, the 7th.  Mars here is often associated with aggressive stances from enemies as well as growing conflict. This is further compounded by Mars eventual conjunction with Saturn on April 2nd, 2018. The ancients regarded this position as one ripe for war. While I’m not predicting we will be going to war this year, it’s certainly indicative of tensions rising and we shouldn’t be surprised if it does happen. Especially since we do have Uranus changing signs today and the last time it was in Taurus (which it will be this spring). The last time it was in Taurus was between 1935 until 1942. For those that are fans of history, will remember this was when both the Great Depression and WWII began.

Government & Leadership

The house of our leaders is ruled by Pisces with Neptune on the Cusp. We also see The Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in Aries together in this house as well. The ruler of the house is naturally Saturn, and since it is in Capricorn we can see that our government will spend this year trying to consolidate and maintain order. However, it is the Neptune and stellium in Aries that give us the most useful information about the state of our leadership. Neptune conjunct the midheaven in the 10th house is a clear indicator of delusion, deceit, and an inability to see clearly. While this isn’t necessarily new to government, it will certainly be more evident this year. It makes me wonder if order that will be attempted to maintain this year will slip through our leaders grasps. This is good news for those wishing to see a change in leadership, especially with midterm elections this fall. Looking at the Stellium in Aries, there is a strong need from government to act and act fast. Unfortunately, in Aries it will likely act before thinking. As a nation we should be wary of any changes made, as they were likely not well thought out, and are more inclined to fail. The health of our leaders and their family is also a concern this year as Hamal rose with Venus. This fixed star can bring disease to those it affects as well as their family, particularly to areas of the head. On the bright side the Venus/Mercury exact conjunction will bless them with the ability to speak beautifully and influence others with their words. Let’s hope that this aspect prevails when negotiating with foreign governments.

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Jupiter in Scorpio- Sex, Magick, and The Macabre



As Rufus Wainwright sings in his hit song, Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, “Everything it seems I like is a little bit stranger, a little bit thicker, a little bit stronger, a little bit harmful for me”. This embodies the Jupiter in Scorpio energy beautifully.

When Jupiter moves into a new sign it has the power to create some pretty interesting changes in society that are felt for about a year before it moves on to a new position in the zodiac. In Scorpio it is possible we will see a sexual revolution, a new take on human sexuality, and certainly a shift into the macabre and taboo. As with any significant planetary transit, I always believe it is important to take a look at the world the last time something similar happened. Looking back to 2006 we can see some interesting events, themes, and social norms the last time this expansive planet was in Scorpio. First looking at some of the more popular fashion trends of that year we see the heavy use of stripes and straps, both symbolic of fetish culture. We also the “rise”, if you will pardon the pun of low rise jeans and the exposing of things that became famously known as a whale tail. In music we listened to fairly Scorpio themed songs like Sexy Back and Promiscuous. In media, we experienced the tension and taboo of depicting Mohammad in cartoons, as well as the controversial and very scorpionic movie The Da Vince Code. We ended 2006 with the death sentence of Saddam Hussain followed by one of the most macabre and taboo viral videos of all time when his death was posted online. Prior to 2006 Jupiter spent most of 1994 in Scorpio, where we saw the rise of pleather, dominatrix style tops, grunge, vampire inspired creations from Chanel, Pulp Fiction, The Shaw Shank Redemption, the first unisex scent from Calvin Kline, and of course the Wonder Bra. Interestingly enough, 1994 also brought with it the first Law Enforcement Guide to Satanic Cults. Of course, the majority of the video, which can be found on YouTube is riddled with inaccuracies, and is rather offensive to the Pagan and Occult Communities. However, 2006 brought some much needed light to those who follow the Old Ways, when a Military Chaplin changed is affiliation from Pentecostal to Wiccan. While the military did not fully support Pagans in the Military until the spring of 2007, Jupiter in Scorpio certainly set the stage for religious equality when it moved into Sagittarius.

So what should we expect this time around? For many in the world it is possible they will experience a sexual awakening and may come to set aside some of their own sexual inhibitions. We are also likely to experiences more public conversations concerning gender, sexuality, and reproductive rights and issues. It will also be interesting to see if Pluto (which co-rules over Scorpio with Mars), who lost his status as a planet in 2006 will return the elect of classified planetary bodies. We must also consider the heavy amount of detective work as well as exploring the mysterious energies of both life and death. With that being said, I would not be surprised if new and exciting archeological discoveries take place over the next 13 months, along with some fantastic leaps forward in world of physics. Perhaps this time around Jupiter in Scorpio will help bring more validity to metaphysics as the world between science and magick draws closer together. Even with all of Scorpio’s mysterious and magnetic energy, it is also powerfully healing. Our world, now more than ever, needs some of that healing. Of course healing through Scorpio can be challenging and painful, however it is necessary for growth. They always say it is the darkest before the dawn, and it is my hope that Jupiter’s time in Scorpio allows us to face that darkness without fear and open hearts.


Jupiter in Scorpio Horoscopes.

As always, I recommend reading your rising sign for greatest accuracy.



Over the next year as Jupiter moves through your 8th house, it helps you fully face your own mortality, and confront some of the darker aspects of your personality. This is also likely to be a particularly active financial period, and you will want to be on the lookout for people who want to invest in your future. If you are married or in a long term committed relationship, you may soon find that your partner will experience a boost in income. You may also come into money via a will or estate, though you may want to take this time to consider your own final will and testament.



This will be a sexy period for you, as you find your interpersonal and romantic relationships getting a major boost. You are likely to spend more time with a significant other, or get into a serious relationship. While you are typically not known to jump into relationships too quickly, this transit could give you a boost, and you want to make sure you don’t get too hot and heavy too fast. This will also be an excellent 13 months to make important connections, make deals, sign contracts, and combine forces with others.



Jupiter in your 6th house is all about getting your daily schedule an overhaul. You are likely to make some type of change in your health, either for the better or worst. So you want to make sure you watch your weight. Jupiter can be a bit indulgent and you want to be hyper vigilant with your diet. Use the Jupiter energy productively and get into a new exercise regime. Remember it’s a lifestyle change, not a diet.



Grab your paintbrush, pen, or musical instrument. This period will be particularly creative for you, and you will want to make sure you take full advantage of it. Jupiter here also has the ability to increase your sexual appetite, and you may find yourself “on the prowl” more than usual. Along with increased sexual energy, this will be a particularly fertile period for you, so if you are looking to start a family, this is a wonderful time to get that started.




Despite your social nature, this Jupiter transit will bring focus and attention to your home and family. Maybe it’s time to make some changes to your environment, or move all together. Use this energy to plan and host family or social functions in your home as well. Don’t forget to take stock of what is in your home, and clean house. As you will likely spend the next several months buying things for your home or apartment.



This period for you is all about opportunities to learn new skills, take a class on something that interests you, and reconnect with old friends and siblings. The next 13 months also promise to be a very busy period where you spend a lot of time travelling locally, having important conversations, and finding new ways to express yourself. Your ability to communicate will be heightened, and those around you will listen with intent ears.



What do you value most in life? What and who is important to you? These are the questions that you will be visiting over the next 13 months. When Jupiter moves into the second house it brings an expansive awareness of our values, as well as promotes productivity. This is also considered a fairly fortunate financial transit, where you will have the opportunity to both make and save money. However, Jupiter does rule excessiveness so you will also need to be cautious not to overspend or run up high lines of credit.



Ok Scorpio, Jupiter is finally in your sign after a 12 year absence. For you this transit is all about your own image, and taking control of how you identify yourself. Maybe it’s time to make a change in your personal style, or a revamp of your reputation. You have the opportunity now to reinvent yourself, don’t waste the opportunity. At some point, over the next year Jupiter will pass over your Sun, and when that occurs your personal energy and sense of purpose will become clear. Think of it as a heavy dose of B-12. However, much like Gemini, you too will need to be cautious with your weight during this period.



The next 13 months will be fairly quiet for your Sagittarius, which makes this the perfect time to get some much needed relaxation. When Jupiter moves through the 12th house it is best to work behind the scenes, doing planning, and work privately. This is also a particularly sensitive time for you emotionally, so use this time to take extra care of yourself, and heal. I would recommend learning more about meditation, taking time to give yourself an in home spa day with bath salts and oils, or treat yourself to a staycation.





The upcoming Jupiter passage through your 11th house will prove to produce a very social period for you. It is a time where you can flex your global muscles and really get out into the world and make a difference. You’re circle of friends is likely to expand during this period, as well as your hopes and dreams. What you should be asking yourself now is what difference can I make in the world? What goals have I put on the back burner, and should now get back on course doing. Enjoy the expansive year ahead and make plans for your future.



This will be a banner period for your career and reputation. There is nothing you can’t accomplish under this transit when it comes to advancing yourself. You are also likely to find yourself in high favor with authority figures, supervisors, and bosses. This is the year you could ask for a raise, apply for a new job, or improve your own reputation with your peers. Whatever you chose to do, it will be difficult to stay out of the limelight, so be aware that all eyes looking towards you.



For the next 13 months Jupiter will sit in your 9th house, which is probably one of the happiest places for Saturn to be. Here you will able to expand both your mind and your horizons. You now have the opportunity to go back to school, do a great deal of traveling, research a foreign culture, or even explore new aspects of your own spirituality. Maybe it’s time for you to try a new church, read about a faith you’ve been interested in passing. However, you choose to deal with Jupiter here, you are bound to find a new meaning to your own life.








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The Great American Eclipse 2017: An Astrological Analysis



The upcoming eclipse, known as The Great American Solar Eclipse, has been making headlines and countless astrologers have been giving their theories, analyzes, and predictions related to this marvelous celestial event. Here I would like to share my own thoughts about the eclipse, specifically how it relates to the United States as it will cross our entire country from the west coast to east coast.

Before we delve into the more specific details of the August 21st, 2017 eclipse, I would first like to share with you some history related to eclipses in general, as well as some of the history related to this particular eclipse series. First we must understand that eclipses do not exist independently from one another, and NASA describes this eclipse as the most recent in the 145 Saros Series. Briefly, a Saros Series is a group of eclipses that occur approximately every 18 years over the course of over 1,300 years. In this particular family the August eclipse will be the 22nd member out of 77 eclipses. The first part of the cycle from 1693 to 1891 we saw only partial solar eclipses, and in 1909 we saw the first hybrid followed by the beginning of the total solar eclipses until 2648 before they return once again to partial eclipses until the last eclipse on April 17th, 3009 at the end of the cycle. For this analysis I will only be looking at the total solar eclipses in the series, as a total eclipse will have stronger and longer lasting effects on a country or region

To date, our country as a nation has experienced 6 total solar eclipses in this series. To demonstrate the historical effects of these eclipses we will look at the biggest US news stories for the year of the eclipse ( I define an eclipse year as the months leading up to and after the actual eclipse, which can include the previous or next calendar year). As you will see eclipses have historically preceded both death and political upset in the United States.

1909- The assassination attempt on President Taft in Mexico

1927- The devastating Pineapple Political Primary

1945- Atomic bombs dropped by USA on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, along with the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

1963- The assassination of John F. Kennedy

1981- The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan

1998/99- The scandal and impeachment of President Bill Clinton

There is one other eclipse I would like to discuss, and that is the last time we had a trans-continental eclipse in the United States which occurred in 1918. You’ll notice that this particular eclipse is not part of the same Saros Series thus producing some different effects. It’s important to note that this eclipse occurred at 17 degrees Gemini the sign that naturally rules travel, transit, contracts, communication, and the mind. There were a number of events that were potentially triggered by this eclipse, all of which align with the Gemini theme. First was the deadly second wave of influenza, as Gemini often rules our throat, lungs, and mouth. We also saw the world’s worst rapid transit accident in history in New York City, the first USPS airmail service in the United States, and auspiciously the end of WWI. However, we did not see the peace treaty signed until after the effects of the eclipse had ended in 1919.

While I don’t consider myself a doomsday astrologer or “prophet of doom”, we cannot deny the challenging affects that are given by an eclipse. The upcoming eclipse promises to be no exception while not only being a full continental eclipse like the one in 1918 but also being part of the 145 Saros Series. With this particular eclipse there are several things we need to consider. First, is the motion of the eclipse itself across the country and the astrological houses that it occupies, followed by the eclipses affect on President Donald Trump’s natal chart, and finally the affects of the eclipse on the natal chart of the United States itself.

Looking first at the motion of the eclipse through the houses we see the first totality begin in Salem, Oregon where it falls in the 11th house. It then hits the 10th in other cities of totality. Finally it finishes in the 9th in Columbia, South Carolina at it’s last viewable city of totality. If we consider the themes of the 11th , 10th, and 9th houses in terms of our country as a whole we see a fascinating story unfold. In the astrological study of countries and governments, known as mundane astrology, the 11th house represents the legislature, the Senate, House of Representatives, the stock exchange, and the Vice President. The 10th house represents the President himself, and our reputation on the global stage with foreign countries. The 9th house rules the Justice Department, lawyers, the courts, foreign trade, and the press. If we follow the story of the houses we see upset and unveiling begin with Congress followed by exposure of the United States administration and President Trump before the eclipse hits the house of laws and the courts. With this it is likely we may see history repeat itself as the eclipse that triggered the impeachment hearings of Bill Clinton. However it manifests, we are likely to see major upset in the Legislative and Executive branches of government that will have a negative affect on our position and reputation on the world stage along with a potential regression of the United States Stock Market.

While the above analysis provides us with some amazing things to consider, it is the affect of the eclipse on the natal chart of Donald Trump that provides some of the most fascinating planetary positions. While I wont use this space to fully detail Trumps natal chart, it is important to understand one of the most sensitive points in his chart. At the moment of Trump’s birth the fixed star Regulus was rising. This auspicious star makes kings, rulers, and powerful leaders. The planet Mars also sits on Trump’s ascendant which creates ambition, a drive to succeed, and at a hot temper. It cannot be argued that Trump has been blessed with power and success as promised by this star when it rises in someones chart. The August 21st eclipse will be aligned with Trumps Ascendant, Regulus, and Mars.


An eclipse that falls on such a sensitive point is considered to be one of the most important, and this will certainly be life changing for Trump. An eclipse often weakens any point that it falls on, and and can frustrate any planet it sits on. For Trump, this is likely to weaken his own personal success and power making him vulnerable to falling from power. This only further supports the passage of the planets through the 11th, 10th, and 9th houses. Looking at Mars, which typically rules our vitality, and style of conflict, we see the potential for fits of rage and anger that we have yet to have experienced from Trump, along with irrational and radical actions. In terms of his own vitality, this eclipse has the potential to cause serious health issues for Trump, as his energy and immune system will be weakened.

Finally, we must look at how the eclipse affects the birth chart of our nation. For this analysis, I have utilized the July 4th, 1776 chart set for Philadelphia, PA at 2:14am. First we see that the eclipse falls in the 3rd house, which in a country’s chart natural rules our communication systems, transportation, relationships with neighboring countries ( we must tread carefully with Mexico and Canada), and weather. This could prove to be a particularly difficult Hurricane season for our country paired with other extreme weather disasters. While the eclipse itself makes not major aspects to any of our country’s planets or sensitive points we must acknowledge that the eclipse makes a grand fire trine with the transiting Uranus in the 11th, and Saturn in the 7th. A grand fire trine often has the potential to create irrational and arrogant actions. Since the trine falls in our natal houses of Congress and the Senate (Uranus), and our house of foreign disputes, war, and peace it is possible that this eclipse could trigger some very stressful international public relations issues or even war.


Overall this is a very exciting time for our country, that could truly start to trigger some amazing changes, and likely some difficult growing pains as we approach our country’s first Pluto return in 2020. The best course of action for everyone involved will be act with patience and care. We must try to avoid jumping to conclusions, and promote unity and harmony with others so we do not succumb to the stressful energies of the eclipse. If you would like to see how this rare eclipse will affect you personally please visit my services page to schedule your consultation.


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July 9th, 2017 Full Moon- The Emotional Purge


Full Moon Energy

The Full Moon each month signals the apex of a cycle in our lives, and often indicates a period where a project comes to fruition, or a goal put in place is finally met. The Moon in her magnificent fullness also overflows our cup of emotional awareness. It highlights a particular polarity in one’s life as it illuminates two opposing energies within the heavens. For some, this may manifest as a struggle between self-awareness and awareness of others, our emotions vs our intellect, our masculine vs feminine sides, work vs home life, or simply a struggle between introversion and extroversion. Some become full of life during the Full Moon, while others retreat from the world. However it affects you, be aware that the these energies won’t last forever, and whatever you are called to feel at this time, accept and experience the energy at hand.

Full Moon Conjunct Pluto

       This particular Full Moon falls in Capricorn and it’s vibration brings our responsibilities to light, and we may find ourselves evaluating how productive we are, and how to restructure or balance our responsibilities. It is also important to note that July’s full Moon is conjunct (sits next to) Pluto, which imparts some of its own powerhouse of energy to the mix. Classically, Pluto gets a bad rap for being the most destructive planet in the heavens. While Pluto can certainly cause some chaos and destruction, in its purest form, it is a force for change. In Capricorn it allows us to completely transform how we tackle our work and careers. Ask yourself; should I consider a new line of employment, start working towards a promotion, or maybe just be more serious about taking responsibility for the work you have.

The Great Emotional Purge

Pluto’s alignment with the Full Moon also opposes Mars, which acts a trigger to a larger emotional purge. Many of us have been feeling a restless angst over the last few weeks, as the Pluto, Moon, Mars energy begins to come to a head. It’s important to ask yourself drama’s have been playing out in your life that need to be resolved. Where the full Moon has the potential to illuminate some of the darker themes in our lives, Pluto asks us to plunge into the abyss of our lives to restructure and change what is no longer useful or healthy. When we add Mars to the equation we get the force and drive to make us act on situations that may feel uncomfortable or scary. Know that Mars can and will give you the strength and victorious power to overcome the fear associated with confronting what needs to change in your life. Allow your own personal dramas one final and epic explosion, and watch how as the moon decreases in size, your life settles back down into a more comfortable rhythm.

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