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General Consultation

General Consultations are perfect for your first reading as well as returning clients. The general consultation allows us to explore every area of your life, or to hone in on a specific concern. Of course if you don’t have a specific question many clients prefer to request a general check-in to review what has been going on in their life, and what to expect in the next 6 months


Horary with Eric

Horary is a beautiful art that allows a single question to be asked without the need for a birth time. Horary can accurately tell you where missing objects, pets, and people are, if you should marry a certain person, which job to take, which home or car to buy, and any other question you can think of with stunning accuracy!


Click Here to Learn More About Horary.

Child Analysis with Eric

The child analysis gives parents or guardians an insight into the personality of the child, as well as what they will need from you to develop into a healthy and productive member of society. We can also glimpse into their talents so you can provide your child with the proper activities to stimulate growth and learning. This analysis also includes the very specialized dynamic to be expected in the relationship between you and your child.


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For your first reading please make sure you have an accurate birth time, along with the date and location of your birth. This is essential in providing you with the most accurate consultation possible.  I am available via Zoom, Google Hangout, and Phone.

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Payment must be made at least 72 hrs prior to appointment or a new appointment will need to be scheduled

In accordance with Pennsylvania State Law please note that all consultations are for entertainment purposes only, and cannot be substituted for the assistance of a licensed therapist, physician, or legal professional.

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