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Forecast for the United States

In the United States the Sun will enter Aries on March 20th at 12:16am eastern. The location of the chart is set for Washington DC as it is the seat of our nation’s leadership. Here I will review some of my own thoughts about what to expect in the United States from March 20th, 2018- March 19th, 2019 Continue reading

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Jupiter in Scorpio- Sex, Magick, and The Macabre

  As Rufus Wainwright sings in his hit song, Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk, “Everything it seems I like is a little bit stranger, a little bit thicker, a little bit stronger, a little bit harmful for me”. This embodies the … Continue reading

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The Great American Eclipse 2017: An Astrological Analysis

  The upcoming eclipse, known as The Great American Solar Eclipse, has been making headlines and countless astrologers have been giving their theories, analyzes, and predictions related to this marvelous celestial event. Here I would like to share my own … Continue reading

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July 9th, 2017 Full Moon- The Emotional Purge

Pluto’s alignment with the Full Moon also opposes Mars, which acts a trigger to a larger emotional purge. Many of us have been feeling a restless angst over the last few weeks, as the Pluto, Moon, Mars energy begins to come to a head. Continue reading

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Choosing Your Own Personal Astrologer

This is the post excerpt. Continue reading

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