AstroCompass: Horoscopes for the week of 9 September 2019

A wave of serious minded energy kicks off the week with Mars making a harmonious trine to Saturn. When the two malefic planets play well together we are able to harness productive and determined energy. This is an aspect of endurance, which allows for slow and steady progress win the race. Addressing responsibilities also becomes important, and many individuals born under the sign of Virgo or Capricorn will need to focus on taking care of business right now.

On Thursday, Mars makes its second aspect of the week by squaring Jupiter. This breaks the world free from the hyper focused and serious energy early in the week. Mars and Jupiter together bring limitless energy, and enthusiasm. However, it will be far too easy to over-estimate abilities. Many individuals will take on more than they can handle right now. It will be best to avoid making any commitments on the 12th.

Friday’s conjunction between Mercury and Venus aligns with the fixed star Markeb. This minor star rules reference, faith, education work, and voyages. Discussions with close friends or romantic partners that surround these topics is possible right now. Globally, major announcements from or about the education system or travel industry is possible.

Saturday and Sunday brings two planets changing signs. Mercury and Venus move into balanced Libra, while Mars simultaneously opposes Neptune. This promises to bring an active and exciting weekend where anything is possible. Love and romance begin to run high with, as the world becomes more affectionate with one another. However, Mars and Neptune may play a few tricks before the weekend is over. Be cautious about plans that may easily fall apart right now, and the overwhelming desire for many to exaggerate.

Astro Homework

This week’s homework assignment focuses on the activation of the fixed star Markeb on the 13th. Spend the day thinking about the role faith plays in your life. Perhaps it is time to make a firmer commitment to a spiritual discipline.

Aries (21 March — 20 April)

It may be difficult for you to make it through your work day this week Aries, as you are compelled to focus on what you feel are more important matters. Time here seems to slow to a painful crawl, and as a result you may not be able to give your best. Don’t be surprised if others notice your lack of enthusiasm right now, and accept help when it is offered. Allowing coworkers to assist you is not a sign of weakness. Over the weekend Mercury and Venus move into your sector of love and relationships. The next several weeks promise to bring strength and new commitment to this area of your life.

Tea: Peppermint

Taurus (21 April — 20 May)

A carefree and imaginative week is promised for you Taurus, as your sector of creativity is activated right now. However, if you attempt to bring too much order into your life or work you will quickly find yourself stuck or dealing with writer’s block. Allow your mind to flow without direction, and as stroke of genius will hit on Thursday. Over the weekend, your health comes into focus and you may find many of your conversations begin to focus on this area of your life. Now is the perfect time to initiate a new exercise regime, or healthy lifestyle. Of course, you should always consult with a qualified medical professional before making any changes.

Tea: Hibiscus

Gemini (21 May — 20 June)

Autumn may be approaching, but you can’t help but feel inspired to do a bit of spring cleaning right now. Lately, you’ve let your living space become less than organized, and you feel the itch to get it back in order. Unfortunately, you’re not entirely sure where to start. Ask for the input of a partner or house mate in order for you to get the ball rolling. An important conversation about upcoming travel plans is possible on Friday, so be prepared to find creative ways to split the cost. Over the weekend, your ruling planet moves into your 5th house. Here, you can expect a boost in your sex life, and may have the opportunity to indulge in creative play.

Tea: Passionfruit

Cancer (21 June — 20 July)

Early in the week you may feel the desire to speak to a romantic interest you’ve been thinking about lately. While feelings come easily to you, it’s not always easy for you to express them to a potential partner. Allow yourself to be put in a vulnerable situation. Even if they don’t return the sentiment, you’ve still had the opportunity to practice. For Cancers who are already in committed relationships you can expect a similar drive and need to connect verbally with your partner. Over the weekend, you can expect to spend more time at home than usual, as you focus on domestic matters.

Tea: Orange Blossom

Leo (21 July — 20 August)

Financial matters are at the top of your items to address this week, and you may need to re-budget early in the week. Changes to your income or debt are possible, and half of those born under the lion will have more money at their disposal, while the other half will be working with less. Friday’s conjunction highlights money spent on a vacation. If you’ve reworked your budget properly you can book or plan a getaway right now. As Mercury and Venus move into your 3rd house this weekend you can expect the majority of your time to be spend pouring over paperwork, holding important group discussions, and possibly signing contracts. Just be certain not to agree to more financial responsibility than you can reasonable handle right.

Tea: Green

Virgo (21 August — 20 September)

This week’s conjunction between Mercury and Venus occurs in your sign Virgo, making this alignment particularly important to you. Those born September 17th and 18th will feel the effects most strongly. Together, these planets bring the inspiration to learn and this could prove to be the start of a new educational journey. Even if you don’t run out and enroll in college, you may still find yourself in a workshop or course of study. Making an investment in education is never a waste of money, and if you’ve been putting off learning a new skill be sure to embrace the challenge this week. A number of Virgo may also go through physical transformations this week with many born under the Virgin changing their hair or buying new clothes.

Tea: Chamomile

Libra (21 September — 20 October)

Stress at home hits your chart early in the week, and you may find yourself at odds with someone you live with. Fortunately, this will be a short lived transit and you two can recover quickly from the spat. Two planets are moving into your sign this week. The first is Mercury, which activates your mind, and allows you to socialize and chat with everyone you meet. There may even be times when others begin speaking to you seemingly out of nowhere. If you want to avoid these conversations, do your best to avoid eye contact with strangers when in public. Venus, your ruling planet, also moves into Libra this week. This sets the stage for your weekend, which promises to be filled with social gatherings, lively chatter, and possibly a touch of romance. Don’t be afraid to flirt, and be prepared for the romantic advances of others.

Tea: Ginger

Scorpio (21 October — 20 November)

The first half of the week promises to be busy with a number of friends, family members, and even casual acquaintances vying for your attention. Be prepared to be hit with a seemingly endless barrage of questions, as well as invitations to small gatherings. As the week progresses Mercury and Venus will move into your 12th house. Here they are given the opportunity to rest, and your psyche will feel the need to introvert. You are entering a period of rest and reflection, which will help you reset how active both you and your mind have been. A delay or dip in your romantic life is possible as well. Don’t expect major progress to this area of your life till November.

Tea: Matcha

Sagittarius (21 November — 20 December)

Much like Aries, you too are having a slow week at work. This makes it difficult to feel truly productive as the days seem to drag on. However, if you can make it past Wednesday, the rest of the week will be easier to deal with. Thursday brings a business opportunity, which reignites the passion you have for your life’s work. Don’t be surprised if you are approached about a new position with your current employer. Even if you are not asked directly, keep an eye out for new opportunities. Over the weekend, Mercury and Venus promise to catapult you into the center of your social circle. There will be very little down time for you right now as parties, gatherings, meetings, and other social events fill your calendar.

Tea: English Breakfast

Capricorn (21 December —20 January)

A minor bump, bruise, scrap, or accident is possible early in the week and you feel as though you are all of a sudden accident prone. Fortunately, these accidents are minor and more annoying than anything else. Be alert of your surroundings the first few days of the week until this transit passes on Thursday. Travel over the weekend is possible as the conjunction between Mercury and Venus on Friday triggers movement. However, it may be difficult to get away as professional responsibilities seem to be occupying most of your time.

Tea: Oolong

Aquarius (21 January — 20 February)

Secrets rule the first two days of the week Aquarius, and you can’t help but think someone close to you is not being entirely truthful. The good news is that even if someone is being less than honest, it is about their own life and does not affect you. However, your natural curiosity makes it difficult for you to let it go. If you are determined to press this person, do so on Friday when you will be able to more easily persuade them to share their secret. Over the weekend educational work is promised, and even if you’re not enrolled in higher education you will still need to do a fair amount of research.

Tea: Kombucha

Pisces (21 February —20 March)

The first two days of the week may feel a bit overwhelming, as you are beginning to feel as though you are racing the clock towards a project or event. To make matters worse, you may be feeling too lethargic to tackle the large projects you’ve put in front of yourself. Do yourself a favor and rest on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. You’ll be able to get twice the amount of work done if you give yourself a few days to recharge your physical and emotional batteries. Over the weekend Mercury and Venus move into your 8th house, bringing debt and shared financial resources to the forefront of your mind. You may be called to re-budget, catch up on bills, or take out a loan in order to consolidate what you already owe. This may cause a disagreement between you and another person on Saturday. Do your best to see the other person’s point of view, but don’t let them walk all over you.

Tea: White

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