AstroCompass: Horoscopes for the week of 7 October 2019

After two weeks away for my wedding, I am happy to return to providing you with the weekly horoscopes. The week kicks off with a busy Monday as Mercury opposes Uranus, and the Sun makes a square to Saturn. These uncomfortable aspects make it difficult to feel motivated as delays and unusual conversations are promised. Shocking announcements are also possible now.

On Tuesday Venus moves out of balanced Libra into intense Scorpio. This is a deeply passionate position and relationships of all types will intensify. The darker sides of our sexuality will begin to surface, and exploration into taboo subjects is also possible. Venus in Scorpio is also described as the combination of intense closeness, bringing the need to join with partners physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Individuals who are single may find that this is the perfect time to initiate new and magnetic relationships.

Over the weekend Venus opposes Uranus brining fated encounters and unusual individuals into our lives. Cooperation may be difficult right now, as everyone seems to feel the need to be their own individual. Save any group activities for a later date to avoid certain drama. Financial instability is also promised this weekend, and bank accounts should be monitored closely for errors.                                                      

Astro Homework

This week’s homework assignment focuses on the Full Moon in Aries on Sunday the 13th. In the cardinal fire sign this is an excellent Moon to reclaim your identity and embrace self-confidence. Spend time this week making a list of everything you love about yourself, as well as your accomplishments. As the Moon grows to full illumination you will be able to finally shake away insecurities and find confidence to address fears.

Aries (21 March — 20 April)

Relationships at work may be strained early in the week, as you may find yourself at odds with a supervisor. Do your best to remain as level headed as possible, to avoid rash action you are sometimes known for. Tuesday brings the potential to meet an exciting new friend who will share your unusual interests. As Venus moves into your 8th house you can expect feel a surge of sexual desire, as you prepare for the proverbial “bump of crop” in the bedroom. Saturday’s opposition between Venus and Uranus brings a surprise bill, so be sure not to overspend during the first half of the week.

Crystal: Hematite

Taurus (21 April — 20 May)

It’s all about partnerships this week Taurus, as you learn to balance your own needs with the needs of those around you. Expect support from many of your closest friends, as they show you that life’s challenges don’t necessarily need to be handled alone. As Venus moves into your house of relationships you are empowered with the ability to attract others who compliment your personality. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself flirting without realizing it. Over the weekend, a financial boost is possible while the rest of the world is dealing with financial stress. This is a great weekend to have a yard sale or to post items you no longer need for sale online.

Crystal: Aventurine

Gemini (21 May — 20 June)

A discussion surround your health occurs early in the week, and you may hear wellness advice from a friend or professional Monday or Tuesday. An unexpected trip to the hospital or a relative’s home is also possible this week, so be prepared to spend extra time supporting a friend who may be ill. A new enjoyment for your work comes midweek as Venus moves into your 6th house. Productivity soars right now, and you are able to multitask better than any other time of the year. Also, don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to others, as friends, family, and coworkers will be more inclined to lend you a hand. Over the weekend, a surge of passion ignites your intimate relationships so you may want to decline any invitations so you have time to enjoy one-on-one time Saturday and Sunday.

Crystal: Obsidian

Cancer (21 June — 20 July)

Excitement lives around every corner this week Cancer, and you can’t help but make new friends right now. This is a very social period, where you will be able to expand your social circle, especially with those who you may not have originally thought would be a person you would consider a friend. The stressful square between the Sun and Saturn occur in your sectors of home and partnerships. Expect a turbulent day on Monday, especially for Cancers who share living space with others. Over the weekend your creative juices begin to flow, and you may want to consider taking an art class, or exploring with flavours in the kitchen.

Crystal: Rose Quartz

Leo (21 July — 20 August)

Your home and work life balance may be a bit rocky early in the week, and it will be difficult to find the perfect rhythm right now. It would be best to air on the side of caution and if you must be imbalanced; spend more time at work. You don’t want to draw any negative attention to yourself right now. As Venus moves into your 4th house, expect your home life to experience a surge of harmony. However, it will come at a price. Sometimes conflict is necessary to find peace. Embrace healthy conflict to avoid explosive situations.

Crystal: Amber

Virgo (21 August — 20 September)

Mental activity keeps your brain busy this week, and it may be difficult for you to quiet your mind. In order to help combat racing thoughts, try stimulating your imagination with a good book. This will help keep your mind active, while not allowing it to run wild. A financial obstacle presents itself early in the week, however it is not as serious as you may fear. Allow the minor hiccup to play out, and trust that the Universe has a larger plan for your financial future. As Venus moves into your 3rd house expect the opportunity to mediate conflicts for others during the next few weeks. These activities will also help keep your mind busy, but certainly don’t go looking for problems to fix.

Crystal: Apatite

Libra (21 September — 20 October)

Financial challenges come to a head this week Libra, as you look for creative ways to balance your budget. There is no shame in asking for help, and you may want to reach out to friend or relative to help put yourself on a healthy spending path. Your ruling planet changes signs this week, and as Venus moves into Scorpio you may find it difficult to stop yourself from impulse purchases. It would be best to think about any purchases for 24hrs before making the final transaction. Over the weekend, an overwhelming urge to hibernate washes over your consciousness. Try not to hide from the world too much, and stay busy if possible. This will help shake off the blues you have been feeling over the last month.

Crystal: Amethyst

Scorpio (21 October — 20 November)

I have always considered Scorpio to be the secret keeper of the zodiac, and this week you will be flooded with the private thoughts of others. It will be your job to listen, but not give advice, no matter how passionately you feel about being able to solve the problems of others. Venus moves into your sign this week, which represents a time when you are at your most attractive. This placement enhances your natural magnetism, and you may find yourself the object of others flirtations. This is a great time to renew a stale relationship, or begin a new one. Over the weekend this energy is intensified, and you may find it difficult to ignore the romantic and sexual advances of others.

Crystal: Ruby

Sagittarius (21 November — 20 December)

While this week may not be the most comfortable for you, as some of the darker sides psyche begin to surface, it will certainly provide for a great deal of healing. Early in the week you can expect to be faced with the realization you have certain limitations. Recognizing things that you cannot or can no longer do is not shameful, it’s part of growing. You naturally understand the philosophical aspects of the passage of time, and now you need to embrace them in the practice. As Venus moves into your 12th house your passions begin to cool. Expect the opportunity to express affection in secret, or even uncover a secret admirer.

Crystal: Topaz

Capricorn (21 December —20 January)

A social week ahead is promised as your 11th house of friends and social acquaintances is activated several time. Early in the week you may receive an unexpected invitation or hear from a friend you have not spoken to in a long time. This is a great opportunity to reconnect and find a place of belonging in groups. You may also have the opportunity to join a local or international organization as well. This will provide networking opportunities for you to eventually expand your professional circle. Over the weekend, you can expect to be busy out and about town with others as restaurants, bars, and clubs. Enjoy the high energy of large groups.

Crystal: Jade

Aquarius (21 January — 20 February)

Tensions at home come to a head early in the week, as harsh or shocking words fly back and forth between you and another. Fortunately, this is a short lived transit, and it should end before Wednesday. Just be certain to monitor how you respond to the sharp words of friends and family right now. You can win the argument by remaining silent and responding with words of love and encouragement. Don’t forget that joy is the best way to get under the skin of someone who is agitated. As Venus moves into your 10th house you can expect a boost at work, and the ability to find new passion in your professional endeavors.

Crystal: Opal

Pisces (21 February —20 March)

This week is all about spending time embracing the philosophical side of your personality. Expect to spend much of the week lost in your own thoughts, and possible pondering the larger questions of life. New and ancient ideas appeal to you equally now, and it is an excellent time to initiate an endeavor in a new way of approaching life and religion. Having this larger world view will help you early in the week when a friend comes to you with an emotional dilemma. Allow your insight to sooth their anxieties. As your mind explores new schools of thought and unusual ideas you may be inspired to travel. While you may not be able to get away this weekend, it is certainly the perfect time to plan a trip.

Crystal: Alexandrite

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