AstroCompass: Horoscopes for the week of 11 November 2019

A Full Moon, a pair of sextiles, and a square make for an exciting week ahead for most of the world. Tuesday’s Full Moon in Taurus makes a trine to Pluto allow us to take charge of our personal power. Those who have been feeling weak, or in challenging positions can now begin to rise up against obstacles. Now is the time to find inner strength and reclaim control of life’s circumstances. This is paired with Mars making a trine to Jupiter which increases confidence, luck, and courage.

As the week progresses the Sun will form a sextile with Pluto on the 13th. Similar to the trine with the Moon, power becomes accessible, and reform is promised. The world can expect to ride this wave of self-confidence as excitement builds. Don’t be surprised if news of underdogs makes headlines, as those least likely to succeed will be blessed with success.

The most challenging day this week falls on Thursday when Venus makes a difficult square to Neptune. Deceit is more likely right now, and ego’s that have not gone unchecked can quickly deflate. Be cautious of moody individuals who may attempt to exert power over others right now. The use of drugs and alcohol promise to lead to disastrous endings. It is best to limit personal indulgences to the absolute minimum right now.

Astro Homework

Self-empowerment is the theme of this week’s transits, which can be a powerful tool towards recovery of all forms. Use the energy of this week to stand up for yourself in situations where you have previously felt powerless. This can even be achieved who feel powerless against their own thoughts or fears. Make a promise to yourself to confront a negative thought pattern or oppressive situation in your life, and quickly watch the tables turn in your favor.

Aries (21 March — 20 April)

Financial strength blesses your chart this week Aries, with the ability to rebalance a previously unstable situation. Of course, this isn’t just about your money, it also includes your personal set of values. While it’s not usually difficult for you to go after what you want in life, it will be easier for you find ways to share power with others for greater joint success. Midweek you may have the opportunity to change your professional identity, or even take a leadership role at work. Even though Mercury is still retrograde, you can benefit from changes in this area of your life.

Animal Companion: Hippopotamus

Taurus (21 April — 20 May)

This week is all about you Taurus, and you’re not shy about asking what you deserve. You may be inclined to seek attention right now, and why not? You deserve it, right? This week’s Full Moon is in your sign, and many born under the sign of the bull may be blessed with sudden and unexpected luck. Allow yourself to indulge in both the simple, and extravagant pleasures in life. Just be certain to exercise caution on Thursday. As you look to put your needs first, you’ll be happy to see that others are eager to support you. However, be mindful of giving friend and family the respect they deserve as well.

Animal Companion: Tabby Cat

Gemini (21 May — 20 June)

Despite being one of the most social signs of the zodiac, you will have an overwhelming need to be alone right now. Though finding privacy may difficult, as others are demanding more of your attention than usual. Expect a romantic gesture on Tuesday when Mars and Jupiter boost your love life. As the week progresses the urge to escape begins to fade if you were able to take some time to yourself on Monday or Tuesday. At the end of the week tensions are due to rise at work, and you may find yourself at odds with a supervisor. Tread carefully right now as those you work with can easily pull you into unnecessary drama that could land you in hot water.

Animal Companion: Bat

Cancer (21 June — 20 July)

Your role in the lives of friends, family, and coworkers comes into focus this week Cancer. At some point you may be called to provide support to someone experiencing a personal crisis. This is most likely to manifest at home, and the need to care for a family member is possible before Wednesday. Use your innate ability to nurture to good use right now, and you’ll be blessed with the validation you are seeking. Over the weekend, unforeseen travel delays are possible, and you may be deceived by a coworker. However, now is not the time to call them out on it.

Animal Companion: Opossum

Leo (21 July — 20 August)

Success is promised for the Lion this week, as you shine in the limelight as the center of attention. You will be most visible at work, and may even receive acclaim or honor from a supervisor or coworkers. This positive energy comes from a call to action that requires your expertise. Even if it feels like you are suddenly dealing with a crisis, try to keep your cool, and you’ll be able to rewarded handsomely. Wednesday brings a boost to your health, and if you’ve been working on improving this area of your life, you’ll be able to reclaim your power here with firm determination.

Animal Companion: Italian Greyhound

Virgo (21 August — 20 September)

Your personal beliefs may be tested this week Virgo, and you feel as though it’s time to take a new stance in one or more areas of your life. Much of this change may be surrounded by your ability to have fun. Too long you’ve been focused on more serious matters. Now it’s time to relax. Fortunately, you’ll be able to unwind Midweek, and possible make exciting plans to get away. Even if you are concerned about funding, don’t pass up the opportunity. A minor disagreement at home is possible at the end of the week. Do your best keep your ego in check, as perceived tones from others are not as harsh as they seem.

Animal Companion: Otter

Libra (21 September — 20 October)

Settling debt is not always a pleasant experience, however it will be necessary to address this week. During this process you may find that someone in your life leans on you for financial support. It is not wise to loan money to others right now, as you will need your cash for an unexpected bill related to your home. Using this energy wisely, you can upgrade appliances or make repairs you have been putting off. No matter what you decide to do, changes to your home environment are coming. You can make the changes yourself, or allow the universe to do it for you.

Animal Companion: Honeybee

Scorpio (21 October — 20 November)

Negotiating and compromising are at the top of your agenda this week, and you may need to make a few concessions before the week is out. As you navigate making deals and agreements with others, secrets will be your greatest ally. Right now you have the power to pull from your vast network of inside information to get what you want. If all goes well, you will be in the mood to celebrate by Thursday. However, it may be best to make sure you hold off on your victory lap until the weekend. There is danger of over-indulgence on Thursday. Be cautious of drinking too much alcohol, caffeine, or taking medical substances. Save your play time for Saturday.

Animal Companion: Hedgehog

Sagittarius (21 November — 20 December)

A confident and social week ahead is promised for you Sagittarius. Jupiter is activated in your sign, allowing you to access personal luck, and becoming more assertive. Suddenly you find yourself ready to make a major change. This could include initiating a new health regime, feeling you are no longer going to allow others to take advantage of you. The surge of inspirational energy you are feeling will allow you to make positive changes in your daily routine. Thursday’s harsh square may knock you down a peg, but don’t allow it to shake your progress. It is only a minor setback, and you’ll be back on your feet by Saturday.

Animal Companion: Giraffe

Capricorn (21 December —20 January)

Romance is in the air for Capricorn, with the Full Moon illuminating your house of pleasure and creativity. This week is all about pouring your energy into self-expressive endeavors. Early in the week it vivid dreams will spark this desire, and you may even find yourself spending time reflecting on activities, hobbies, and love affairs you had in the past. Reigniting these passions is possible right now, and you can expect the opportunity to engage this type of play midweek. Over the weekend, you can expect a confusing conversation that leaves you feeling as though someone is hiding something from you. While this may be true, it does not mean that the secret is malicious. Let it go.

Animal Companion: Elephant

Aquarius (21 January — 20 February)

Prioritize family this week Aquarius, and let the chaos of your professional life take a back seat for a while. Over the last few weeks you have likely been spending more time tending to responsibilities outside the home, and you are due for a shift in focus. Domestic affairs relating to family or your personal property are demanding attention, and you may be called to solve a difficult problem. Wednesday brings a positive change at work which may allow you to take some time to yourself. Over the weekend, a friend or organization may come asking for a loan or donation. Do not be fooled by the smooth pitch. Now is not the time to be too generous with your money.

Animal Companion: Owl

Pisces (21 February —20 March)

Mundane activities and responsibilities are vying for your attention this week, and you are likely to find yourself dealing with important documents, frequent phone calls, and running errands. As you dream of less complicated days, try to maintain focus on what you need to accomplish. Losing yourself in fanciful daydreams will only make everything on your to-do list more difficult to complete. Wednesday bring an opportunity to unwind with friends, though it may not be a good idea to relax right now. Politely decline, and keep focused. You will thank yourself later. If you find yourself feeling cranky on Friday, it means you’ve done well and will be able to take a break on Saturday and Sunday.

Animal Companion: Beaver

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