Pluto in Aquarius

On March 23, 2023 Pluto will enter the sign of Aquarius, it’s first time visiting the fixed air sign in over 225 years. It’s last passed through this sign was from 1778-1798. However, Pluto will retrograde out of Aquarius from June 2023-January 2024 when it will make its permanent ingress into Aquarius in 2044. The next few months will give us a taste of the Pluto/Aquarius energy.

Pluto is the planet of destruction, rebirth, upheaval, and transformation. The energies of Pluto are not subtle, and this powerhouse of planet often triggers major turning points that break down old systems to rebuild new ones. Aquarius energy is not too dissimilar as it is often associated with innovative change, humanitarian ideals, and technological advancements.

Our Most Recent History

When analyzing the effects of such long cycle transits, it’s always important to assess the historical events during the last time a planet passed through a particular sign. From 1778-1798 we saw the height of both the American and French Revolutions. Both countries utilized the extreme measures of Pluto with the high ideals of Aquarius to break free and form a better society for the people. As the socially conscious air sign, it’s not surprise that it was the voice of the people that lead these revolutions.

Air symbolism permeated other areas of human growth and innovation during this period as well. It was also during this period we saw the invention of gas lighting, the overhaul of the steam engine. The Montgolfier brothers invented the hot air balloon which became the first practical means of human flight. However, the most interesting of all was the development of the puddling process, which revolutionized production of iron. This process harnessed the power of rapid combination of oxygen with fuel through oxidization. Finally, looking at the invention of the cotton gin has to give us a bit of a chuckle. The invention revolutionized the process creating a boom in production. Cotton is often associated with clouds, lightness, and the element of air in general. While this may be a stretch, even for me, it’s still interesting to consider.

Overall, the late 18th century saw a significant period of societal equity, innovation, and technological advancement, with many new inventions and discoveries laying the groundwork for the industrial revolution and modern society.

What To Expect

While it would be irresponsible to say that global revolutions against governments was promised, it will certainly manifest in one way or another (physically or metaphorically). Remember, the rest of the heavens aren’t in the same positions as they were in the late 1700s. I would hope that we have evolved enough as humans do revolt in a more peaceful and diplomatic manner. Either way, over the next 20 years I’m sure a number of countries around the globe will look rather different by the end of it.

As for technological advancement, we live in an age where we must be aware that artificial intelligence is likely to make some major leaps during this period. Especially with intelligence being ruled by Aquarius. Since we saw the first viable form of human flight in the last round, it’s safe to believe that we will likely see more changes to travel, most likely air travel. Space travel perhaps?

The experimental and “against the status-quo” energy of Aquarius is likely to produce more sweeping legislation globally related to recreational drugs, perhaps even psychedelics. Awareness of our bodies and psychological understanding of humanity took hold at the end of the 18th century, and has been noted as a remarkable period for psychology. So it seems logical that more profound awareness, possibly through the use of drugs becomes more mainstream. Recently, there has been a great deal of research in psychedelic therapies and I would expect it to really boom over the next 20 years.

Ultimately, Aquarius rules the collective, and we are entering a period where revolutions, advancements, and innovations will be meant to improve society as a whole. This can be challenging for those who don’t like change, and prefer to do things the way they have always been done. However, Pluto doesn’t really give us a choice, and while uncomfortable growing pains will surface, I think humanity will look back at this period in history as a time when the world changed forever.

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