The Great American Eclipse 2017: An Astrological Analysis



The upcoming eclipse, known as The Great American Solar Eclipse, has been making headlines and countless astrologers have been giving their theories, analyzes, and predictions related to this marvelous celestial event. Here I would like to share my own thoughts about the eclipse, specifically how it relates to the United States as it will cross our entire country from the west coast to east coast.

Before we delve into the more specific details of the August 21st, 2017 eclipse, I would first like to share with you some history related to eclipses in general, as well as some of the history related to this particular eclipse series. First we must understand that eclipses do not exist independently from one another, and NASA describes this eclipse as the most recent in the 145 Saros Series. Briefly, a Saros Series is a group of eclipses that occur approximately every 18 years over the course of over 1,300 years. In this particular family the August eclipse will be the 22nd member out of 77 eclipses. The first part of the cycle from 1693 to 1891 we saw only partial solar eclipses, and in 1909 we saw the first hybrid followed by the beginning of the total solar eclipses until 2648 before they return once again to partial eclipses until the last eclipse on April 17th, 3009 at the end of the cycle. For this analysis I will only be looking at the total solar eclipses in the series, as a total eclipse will have stronger and longer lasting effects on a country or region

To date, our country as a nation has experienced 6 total solar eclipses in this series. To demonstrate the historical effects of these eclipses we will look at the biggest US news stories for the year of the eclipse ( I define an eclipse year as the months leading up to and after the actual eclipse, which can include the previous or next calendar year). As you will see eclipses have historically preceded both death and political upset in the United States.

1909- The assassination attempt on President Taft in Mexico

1927- The devastating Pineapple Political Primary

1945- Atomic bombs dropped by USA on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, along with the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

1963- The assassination of John F. Kennedy

1981- The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan

1998/99- The scandal and impeachment of President Bill Clinton

There is one other eclipse I would like to discuss, and that is the last time we had a trans-continental eclipse in the United States which occurred in 1918. You’ll notice that this particular eclipse is not part of the same Saros Series thus producing some different effects. It’s important to note that this eclipse occurred at 17 degrees Gemini the sign that naturally rules travel, transit, contracts, communication, and the mind. There were a number of events that were potentially triggered by this eclipse, all of which align with the Gemini theme. First was the deadly second wave of influenza, as Gemini often rules our throat, lungs, and mouth. We also saw the world’s worst rapid transit accident in history in New York City, the first USPS airmail service in the United States, and auspiciously the end of WWI. However, we did not see the peace treaty signed until after the effects of the eclipse had ended in 1919.

While I don’t consider myself a doomsday astrologer or “prophet of doom”, we cannot deny the challenging affects that are given by an eclipse. The upcoming eclipse promises to be no exception while not only being a full continental eclipse like the one in 1918 but also being part of the 145 Saros Series. With this particular eclipse there are several things we need to consider. First, is the motion of the eclipse itself across the country and the astrological houses that it occupies, followed by the eclipses affect on President Donald Trump’s natal chart, and finally the affects of the eclipse on the natal chart of the United States itself.

Looking first at the motion of the eclipse through the houses we see the first totality begin in Salem, Oregon where it falls in the 11th house. It then hits the 10th in other cities of totality. Finally it finishes in the 9th in Columbia, South Carolina at it’s last viewable city of totality. If we consider the themes of the 11th , 10th, and 9th houses in terms of our country as a whole we see a fascinating story unfold. In the astrological study of countries and governments, known as mundane astrology, the 11th house represents the legislature, the Senate, House of Representatives, the stock exchange, and the Vice President. The 10th house represents the President himself, and our reputation on the global stage with foreign countries. The 9th house rules the Justice Department, lawyers, the courts, foreign trade, and the press. If we follow the story of the houses we see upset and unveiling begin with Congress followed by exposure of the United States administration and President Trump before the eclipse hits the house of laws and the courts. With this it is likely we may see history repeat itself as the eclipse that triggered the impeachment hearings of Bill Clinton. However it manifests, we are likely to see major upset in the Legislative and Executive branches of government that will have a negative affect on our position and reputation on the world stage along with a potential regression of the United States Stock Market.

While the above analysis provides us with some amazing things to consider, it is the affect of the eclipse on the natal chart of Donald Trump that provides some of the most fascinating planetary positions. While I wont use this space to fully detail Trumps natal chart, it is important to understand one of the most sensitive points in his chart. At the moment of Trump’s birth the fixed star Regulus was rising. This auspicious star makes kings, rulers, and powerful leaders. The planet Mars also sits on Trump’s ascendant which creates ambition, a drive to succeed, and at a hot temper. It cannot be argued that Trump has been blessed with power and success as promised by this star when it rises in someones chart. The August 21st eclipse will be aligned with Trumps Ascendant, Regulus, and Mars.


An eclipse that falls on such a sensitive point is considered to be one of the most important, and this will certainly be life changing for Trump. An eclipse often weakens any point that it falls on, and and can frustrate any planet it sits on. For Trump, this is likely to weaken his own personal success and power making him vulnerable to falling from power. This only further supports the passage of the planets through the 11th, 10th, and 9th houses. Looking at Mars, which typically rules our vitality, and style of conflict, we see the potential for fits of rage and anger that we have yet to have experienced from Trump, along with irrational and radical actions. In terms of his own vitality, this eclipse has the potential to cause serious health issues for Trump, as his energy and immune system will be weakened.

Finally, we must look at how the eclipse affects the birth chart of our nation. For this analysis, I have utilized the July 4th, 1776 chart set for Philadelphia, PA at 2:14am. First we see that the eclipse falls in the 3rd house, which in a country’s chart natural rules our communication systems, transportation, relationships with neighboring countries ( we must tread carefully with Mexico and Canada), and weather. This could prove to be a particularly difficult Hurricane season for our country paired with other extreme weather disasters. While the eclipse itself makes not major aspects to any of our country’s planets or sensitive points we must acknowledge that the eclipse makes a grand fire trine with the transiting Uranus in the 11th, and Saturn in the 7th. A grand fire trine often has the potential to create irrational and arrogant actions. Since the trine falls in our natal houses of Congress and the Senate (Uranus), and our house of foreign disputes, war, and peace it is possible that this eclipse could trigger some very stressful international public relations issues or even war.


Overall this is a very exciting time for our country, that could truly start to trigger some amazing changes, and likely some difficult growing pains as we approach our country’s first Pluto return in 2020. The best course of action for everyone involved will be act with patience and care. We must try to avoid jumping to conclusions, and promote unity and harmony with others so we do not succumb to the stressful energies of the eclipse. If you would like to see how this rare eclipse will affect you personally please visit my services page to schedule your consultation.


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