July 9th, 2017 Full Moon- The Emotional Purge


Full Moon Energy

The Full Moon each month signals the apex of a cycle in our lives, and often indicates a period where a project comes to fruition, or a goal put in place is finally met. The Moon in her magnificent fullness also overflows our cup of emotional awareness. It highlights a particular polarity in one’s life as it illuminates two opposing energies within the heavens. For some, this may manifest as a struggle between self-awareness and awareness of others, our emotions vs our intellect, our masculine vs feminine sides, work vs home life, or simply a struggle between introversion and extroversion. Some become full of life during the Full Moon, while others retreat from the world. However it affects you, be aware that the these energies won’t last forever, and whatever you are called to feel at this time, accept and experience the energy at hand.

Full Moon Conjunct Pluto

       This particular Full Moon falls in Capricorn and it’s vibration brings our responsibilities to light, and we may find ourselves evaluating how productive we are, and how to restructure or balance our responsibilities. It is also important to note that July’s full Moon is conjunct (sits next to) Pluto, which imparts some of its own powerhouse of energy to the mix. Classically, Pluto gets a bad rap for being the most destructive planet in the heavens. While Pluto can certainly cause some chaos and destruction, in its purest form, it is a force for change. In Capricorn it allows us to completely transform how we tackle our work and careers. Ask yourself; should I consider a new line of employment, start working towards a promotion, or maybe just be more serious about taking responsibility for the work you have.

The Great Emotional Purge

Pluto’s alignment with the Full Moon also opposes Mars, which acts a trigger to a larger emotional purge. Many of us have been feeling a restless angst over the last few weeks, as the Pluto, Moon, Mars energy begins to come to a head. It’s important to ask yourself drama’s have been playing out in your life that need to be resolved. Where the full Moon has the potential to illuminate some of the darker themes in our lives, Pluto asks us to plunge into the abyss of our lives to restructure and change what is no longer useful or healthy. When we add Mars to the equation we get the force and drive to make us act on situations that may feel uncomfortable or scary. Know that Mars can and will give you the strength and victorious power to overcome the fear associated with confronting what needs to change in your life. Allow your own personal dramas one final and epic explosion, and watch how as the moon decreases in size, your life settles back down into a more comfortable rhythm.

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