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Aries Ingress

In Mundane astrology ancient astrologers utilized the position of the heavens when the Sun entered Aries to forecast the upcoming 12 months of a nation. This chart is known as the Aries Ingress chart. In the United States the Sun will enter Aries on March 20th at 12:16am eastern. The location of the chart is set for Washington DC as it is the seat of our nation’s leadership. Here I will review some of my own thoughts about what to expect in the United States from March 20th, 2018- March 19th, 2019

First Impressions

                The first thing I looked at with this chart was the heliacal rising and setting stars. It seems they may indicate they overall theme from now till next March. The rising star Deneb Algedi is said to bring turmoil with enemies disguised as friends, as well as financial loss, and deep worry related to children. Certainly we can already see the concern for children starting to really come to the forefront with the current school gun violence debates. But I do worry that the false friends this star brings could be pointing towards China and North Korea. The setting star is Regulus. Now this one is particularly interesting as it rises in the natal chart of our current president. When it sets, it is said to diminish in power and create an end to great honor. As it opposes the Sun, this could spell a great deal of trouble for our government, and possibly the president himself.

The American People

The Chart has a Cancer rising which gives the Moon as the Lord Of The Year. This year the Moon rules the people of our country. The Moon is well placed in Taurus however it is separating from a recent trine with Saturn. This aspect indicates that the majority of our population this year is moving away from patience and an un-paralleled strength to face adversity. While we certainly have seen many people coming out in numbers to confront social and political issues, these numbers are likely to increase with this aspect. The Moon’s position in the 11th house shows a connection between the population and our country’s allies. It would seem that the people of our country may start to move away from internal problem solving and look towards other areas of the world to see how conflict was handled. It’s amazing really; if you consider it were the original settlers of this country who inspired other countries when they sought freedom. The other side of this is the individual energy of the Moon in Taurus. It’s separating aspect to Saturn wants change, but in Taurus there is an undeniable need to preserve. This conflict between being grounding in a particular way (Moon in Taurus) and the need to break free (Moon separating trine from Saturn) could certainly bring much more tension building among American people.

It must also be noted that the Moon is aligned with the fixed star Alphard by paran. If you are unfamiliar with parans click HERE. Alphard is an ominous star that classically has foretold death and disaster by water. Last year we saw some of the most devastating natural disasters related to water with the wicked hurricane season, however this year could be much worse. We will want to be particularly vigilant when it comes to our water supplies, traveling by water, and natural gases and vapors that are made of water.


The second house of the chart is also ruled by the Moon so we will see some repeated themes from above. With the Moon in Taurus we are likely to see a boost in the sales market, particularly for comfort luxuries such as restaurants, linens, and clothing. Anything that is sold that can bring comfort will do well this year. The saving grace in all of this is the placement of the Part of Fortune in the financial sector of the chart. It typically brings with it great luck and success, however it is conjunct the North Node, which is a karmic point that teaches harsh lessons. As a whole it does not seem to indicate major financial disaster; however the choices we make this year will have lasting effects. If we do not deal with it properly, we could certainly see a huge financial crash as part of the 2020 Pluto return.


Our infrastructure includes our roads, bridges, tunnels, and mass transit systems. With Leo on the cusp of this house it is ruled by the Sun in Aries. The Sun has power by exaltation and triplicity making it a very strong and steady force. The Sun also makes a square to Mars in Capricorn. While this can create some tension, the Sun overpowers Mars and our infrastructures are likely to neither improve nor decline this year.

Health Systems

The health systems in the United States are ruled by Mars this year as Scorpio sits on the cusp of the 6th house. Even though Mars rules this house, the entire sign of Sagittarius falls in this house, giving Jupiter some power of this area as well. Looking first at Mars is falls in the 6th house and is in a very steady Capricorn. However, it is about to leave the 6th house, as Jupiter in the 5th is about to enter the 6th. This is a telling story of change where Mars represents the current status and Jupiter the potential change this year. Mars in Capricorn works towards reasonable goals, as it had been in a very debate heavy Sagittarius that can get rather aggressive. This certainly describes the drama and step by step transition to the Affordable Care Act. Jupiter this year will move into Sagittarius in November so it looks like a new direction in terms of our health systems could be shifting by the end of 2018. Chances are we will see these changes starting in early 2019 before the end of this chart.


The house of open enemies, which are enemies we know exists is ruled by Saturn as Capricorn is on the cusp. Here we see Saturn is in this house as well as Pluto. Above we discussed Mars moving out of the 6th. When it does that it will cross into this house, the 7th.  Mars here is often associated with aggressive stances from enemies as well as growing conflict. This is further compounded by Mars eventual conjunction with Saturn on April 2nd, 2018. The ancients regarded this position as one ripe for war. While I’m not predicting we will be going to war this year, it’s certainly indicative of tensions rising and we shouldn’t be surprised if it does happen. Especially since we do have Uranus changing signs today and the last time it was in Taurus (which it will be this spring). The last time it was in Taurus was between 1935 until 1942. For those that are fans of history, will remember this was when both the Great Depression and WWII began.

Government & Leadership

The house of our leaders is ruled by Pisces with Neptune on the Cusp. We also see The Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in Aries together in this house as well. The ruler of the house is naturally Saturn, and since it is in Capricorn we can see that our government will spend this year trying to consolidate and maintain order. However, it is the Neptune and stellium in Aries that give us the most useful information about the state of our leadership. Neptune conjunct the midheaven in the 10th house is a clear indicator of delusion, deceit, and an inability to see clearly. While this isn’t necessarily new to government, it will certainly be more evident this year. It makes me wonder if order that will be attempted to maintain this year will slip through our leaders grasps. This is good news for those wishing to see a change in leadership, especially with midterm elections this fall. Looking at the Stellium in Aries, there is a strong need from government to act and act fast. Unfortunately, in Aries it will likely act before thinking. As a nation we should be wary of any changes made, as they were likely not well thought out, and are more inclined to fail. The health of our leaders and their family is also a concern this year as Hamal rose with Venus. This fixed star can bring disease to those it affects as well as their family, particularly to areas of the head. On the bright side the Venus/Mercury exact conjunction will bless them with the ability to speak beautifully and influence others with their words. Let’s hope that this aspect prevails when negotiating with foreign governments.

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  1. Michelle Kardys March 21, 2018 — 4:18 pm

    I love this work you’ve done! Hope to see you again in May at UAC 😀

  2. Hi Michelle. Thank you for your kind words. I’m afraid I won’t be there this year. But have a blast!

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