Venus Retrograde: Testing Relationships October 5th- November 16th


On October 5th the planet Venus will station retrograde at 10° Scorpio. This occurs approximately every 18 months and is the planet with the longest travel between retrogrades. Because of this, astrologers pay attention when it happens.

When the planet of relationships, values, and self-worth moves backwards in the heavens, relationships are tested. It is a time to examine who is truly important in our lives, as well as who no longer serves our highest good. Old friend and lovers may also return during this cycle. This allows us the opportunity to tie up loose ends with these individuals.


In Scorpio, issues surrounding intimacy may also arise. Serious conversations about sexuality occur as well. Becoming close to others is challenging, and starting new relationships is ill-advised. Relationships that have been rocky may come to an end as jealous, obcessive, and suspicious energy runs high. Problematic relationships won’t be the only ones to suffer right now. Even the happiest relationshps come under fire. The best course of action to get through is to recognize that the tension won’t last. In fact, it will be cleared up in time for the holidays.

Venus also rules values and wealth, which can give us a clue into sublte changes in the global economy. Scorpio rules the oil industry, mining, and tunnels. Over the next 40 days complications in these industries are likely to arise. With that petrol, metals, and precious gem prices are likely to increase. As gas prices rise this can also raise the prices of general goods. It would be wise to both budget and economize for the next month.

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