The Astrology of Food and Flavor

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Did you know that each sign of the zodiac has specific flavor preferences? Their pallet’s preference comes directly from their elemental profile. Medical Astrologers utilize these preferences to understand the dietary needs and restrictions for the native’s chart. Each sign is ruled by one of the four classical elements, has a modality, and ruling planet. The synthesis of this information not only provides us with a psychological understanding of the native, but also the foods and flavors they will prefer. As a general rule of thumb Fire signs prefer hot, adventurous, or spicy foods. Earth signs prefer decedent foods that are both salty and savory. Air signs are drawn towards light and crisp flavors that are sweet. Water signs crave comfort foods rich in cheeses, carbohydrates, and heavy sauces.

The elemental profile provides us with only a small piece of information related to flavor and food preferences. Astrologers also look at the modality of the sign. Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable energies give us the second layer. Cardinal signs are open to trying new flavors, and will prefer unusual , new, or foreign foods. Fixed signs don’t stray too far outside their comfort zones and often rely on traditional, simple, and familiar flavors. Mutable signs often prefer softer foods that drip, melt, and can be easily reheated. Finally, Astrologers consider the planet that rules each sign to understand the flavor profile for each sign. Together, these three points create a comprehensive picture of what foods rule each sign.

It is important to remember that your Sun sign alone is not strong enough to determine what foods you will enjoy or should avoid, though it is often the case. The entire natal chart needs to be considered so that a score can be calculated to determine which sign rules your chart.

Below is a limited introduction to some of the flavors preferred by each sign


Spicy – Quick Meals – Appetizers – Protein


Savory – Chocolate – Creams – Potatoes


Leafy Greens – Crunchy – Salty – Fruits


Potatoes – Cheeses – Soups – Pasta


Orange Flavors – Beef – Corn – Watermelon


Tomatoes – Baked Goods – Green Beans – Raspberries


Apples – Seafood – Nuts – Cakes


Mushrooms – Root Vegetables – Shellfish – Frozen Treats


Quinoa – Stir Fry – Sushi – Cranberry


Poultry – Mint – Chestnut – Broccoli


Wild Rice – Pizza – Grapes – Parsley


Honey – Sweet Potatoes – Gravy – Tofu

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