Jupiter in Sagittarius Retrograde 2019

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Jupiter in Sagittarius Retrograde 2019- There’s no place like home.

The planet of luck and expansion stations retrograde on April 10th, 2019 and will move backwards in the heavens until August 11th, 2019. Most of the world cringes when they hear the word retrograde, and most likely due to the bad reputation Mercury has given it. When Jupiter is retrograde there is less confusion and chaos. Instead, it is a period of review and reform. Now is the time to uncover your own personal truths, and what your soul really wants out of life. The journey is similar to that of Dorothy’s in The Wizard of Oz. At the end she realizes that if she is ever going to go looking for her heart’s desire again, she won’t look any further than her own back yard.

Conquer Over Indulgence and Squash Addiction

In Sagittarius, our gut instinct is to find truth through travel, exploration, and philosophical inquiry. However, like Dorothy, in the end we will find that the answers we search for can be found within. Jupiter and Sagittarius both represent abundance, often have a difficult time with self-restraint. Those who are struggling with excess in their lives, will find it easier to conquer addiction and over indulgent lifestyles. The world stands at a crossroad, and it is possible to see the bigger picture right now. Make changes that are needed to get yourself back on the path you most desire. The cosmic gift of Jupiter is success, and when he is retrograde, it is more easily obtained.

Religious and Moral Reform

As a generational planet, we cannot ignore the impact Jupiter retrograde will have on society. In the sign of the philosopher, a movement towards discussions related to morality is likely. Around the world demonstrations, meetings, and policies related to moral conduct may make headlines now, especially those that are religiously based.

It is also possible larger religious organizations may make large doctrine changes to the faith. This was most clearly seen as Jupiter slowed during the beginning of the year and The Mormon Church underwent a name change and recently decided to allow children of LGBTQ+ couples to be baptized. The Methodist church also made a shocking announcement as Jupiter began to slow down with the removal of LGBTQ+ clergy and ban on same-sex marriage. As Jupiter continues to pick up speed more changes are promised, and it will be interesting to see what other religious overhauls take effect.


Infrastructure, Travel, and International Relations

Complications related to travel is not new news, particularly with the grounding of so many airplanes and mechanical issues. As Sagittarius rules international travel and foreign affairs, it is not surprising these began to make headlines as Jupiter slowed to a crawl in the wake of the most recent Mercury retrograde. From now until August we can anticipate more information, news, and large scale changes to the travel industry, particularly when it comes to long distance travel. Of course airlines will not be the only ones affected. Roadways and infrastructure is due for an overhaul, along with other forms of mass transit. This may include, ships, railways, buses, and highways. It’s time to innovate these areas of society, and the heavens promise exciting changes.

Jupiter in Sagittarius also has oversight over international relations. This can bring new bonds between nations, and increased cooperation between governments. With the shaky state of the world, this is happy news. Travel reform between nations will change before the end of the year, and moral influence across nations are due to play out over the summer. Immigration is also overseen by Sagittarius, and while the fight will continue, it is likely governments between nations will come to a mutual understanding, as opposed to single nation interventions.

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