As the World Falls Down- Jupiter Square Neptune 2019


In terms of major astrological events, 2019 has been a fairly uneventful year, with one very special exception; the square between Jupiter and Neptune. This aspects hits 3 times through the year January, June, and September. We are currently approaching the second strike, which brings us halfway through the yearlong effect.

Have you ever felt as though your life was slipping out of control? When Jupiter squares we are no longer behind the wheel, and it can be a very uncomfortable position for many. I am reminded of a scene from the movie Labyrinth starring David Bowie where Sarah is at a masquerade in a dream world as Bowie sings As the World Falls Down. The hauntingly beautiful scene shows a disoriented Sarah searching for something real or stable in a ballroom full of masked guests, unable to break from the illusion. This is what Jupiter square Saturn feels like. We are surrounded by a world that doesn’t make sense, and we want to desperately cling to something stable.

Like Sarah, we must learn to fall when we have relied too heavily on our fantasies or worse, drugs. What many do not seem to realize, and what the astrology indicates we should embrace is the help of others. Regardless of how you feel about David Bowie’s character, the words of his song speak to importance of support systems. The chorus repeats:

As the pain sweeps through,
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill is gone
Wasn’t too much fun at all,
But I’ll be there for you
As the world falls down

This is the cosmic lesson. When all feels lost, and there seems to be no escape it is important to not only rely on the strength of others, but to be there as a support system as well. Now that we have taken a look at some of the imagery of this transit, lets break down how it manifests.

When Jupiter squares Neptune reality becomes difficult to hold on to as fantasy and delusion rule the skies. As the fog descends it becomes harder to understand the viewpoints of others, and differing ideologies are pitted against one another. At their core, both Jupiter and Neptune are limitless planets that exaggerate everything they touch. Naturally, Jupiter rule excess while Neptune rule escapism and addiction. For many, this energy will allow them to quickly spiral down to new lows. Fortunately, there is an opportunity to rebuild with the help and compassion of others. As a whole, this is a time to address self-destructive patterns before they do irreversible damage.

Of course it’s not all doom and gloom. There are also some amazing benefits to be gained from these two planets in harsh aspect to one another. A deeply spiritual energy runs deep within Jupiter and Neptune, which can enlighten and open closed minds. For those who are open to change, this can be time of spiritual rebirth, salvation, and forgiveness. Individuals who fight the deluge of energy may find harsh lessons to be learned, and karma knocking on their door. It is important to flow with the current, instead of trying to swim upstream.

What to watch out for

  • Lies and deception
  • Fanatical agendas
  • Overindulgence that leads to addiction

What to embrace

  • Learning from past mistakes
  • Support from others
  • Different viewpoints

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