The Astrology of The Golden Girls

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With my love of the Golden Girls, it was inevitable that one day I would write an astrological analysis of my four favorite ladies of television. Before I begin I want to preface by sharing that the world has no definitive birth times for either Bea Arthur or Estelle Getty. With that being said, we can still look at a number of interesting points in their charts in relation to our other two leading ladies.

Astrology has a wonderful way to categorize individuals into 4 very simple archetypes, which are represented by each of the four elements. Not only do these easily translate to each character, but amazingly they are often seen wearing the color that is embodied by their character throughout the show. These two elements then break down into either receptive or projective energy. Here is a chart to show you this breakdown.


The Characters

Blanche Devereaux

Let’s begin by looking at Blanch Devereaux, played by Rue McClanahan. Blanche is naturally ruled by the Fire archetype. This is evidenced by here passion, charm, flair for seduction, and general untamable nature. We often see her wearing red, and in one episode we learn that she wore a red wedding dress. The projective energy of this archetype is shown by her powers of persuasion and constant need to chase after her desires, which are typically carnal in nature. We often see Blanche on the move, as Fire energy has a difficult time staying still. Even when she suffers a broken heart, she bounces back quickly. Like a spark of passion she often indicates she would never date anyone unless she felt a special spark. Sophia then comments, it is fortunate she carries flints in her brassiere. This reference to fire only amplifies the fiery archetype within. The projective energy of this element is expressed in her forward and forceful nature, no matter how much she may admit to being a gentle female.

Dorothy Zbornak

Our second lady is Dorothy Zbornak, played by Bea Arthur. Dorothy is ruled by the Earth archetype. Now before I continue, I know many of you may want to jump through the screen and exclaim, “ In the show she admitted to being a Leo!” let’s remember that the writers were probably not too familiar with astrology when they gave her that line. Earth energy is naturally practical, ambitious, determined, and observant. Through the show Dorothy is often the silent observer, and voice of reason. She is often seen improving herself professional position through the show by taking courses, certifications, and learning new skills for work. Despite their reputation for being stoic, it is the Earth signs that have one of the most profound senses of humor. This is why so many successful comics have strong Capricorn energy in their charts. Dorothy has some of the funniest lines in the entire show that are timed perfectly based on her earthy observations. In one episode she even did very well at an amateur stand up comedy night.

Sophia Petrillo

Looking now at Sophia Petrillo, played by Estelle Getty, we see the expression the Air element archetype. Air energy is known for being quick witted, social, intelligent, and certainly can quickly blow either hot or cold as quick as the changing winds. When it comes to comebacks and quick wit no other character compares to everyone’s favorite Sicilian grandma. Air energy needs to express itself, and always has an answer for any and every situation. Certainly, her seemingly endless advice from Sicily in the 20’s is the perfect example of the expressive energy of Air. Some may argue that Blanche is the most social. However, her idea of socializing usually involves black underwear and a bottle of Cold Duck. Sophia, uniquely, is truly the most social of the girls. She is always out with friends either at bingo, Wolfies, bowling, or spending time knocking back Sherry with the Cloud Society. On that note, clouds certainly say Air energy. The quick changing energy of Air is seen in each episode as she moves from a compliment to an insult in a split second. As the most intellectual of the elements, she is the one each of the other characters confide in for advice and to help solve their problems.

Rose Nylund

We now move on to St. Olaf’s Woman fo The Year, Rose Nylund, Ooftah! Rose was played by the icon an premier national treasure, Betty White. Rose is the embodiment of the Water element archetype. Water is known to be nurturing, sensitive, dreamy, artistic, and sacrificial. There is no question that Rose is the most caring character who works tirelessly as grief counselor, hospital worker, and all around volunteer. She quickly sacrifices her own health and happiness to ensure others needs are met by driving book mobiles, giving blood, baking for friends, and even donating to the Save the Rich fund. The dreamy energy and endless optimism is shown by her wide eyes and comforting smile. Of course, water can certainly be dangerous when we consider the depths of the ocean, or the destruction of floods. This is explored through her highly competitive and backstabbing nature when it comes to competition. Of course it is easy to forgive this minor character flaw given her seemingly endless compassion. The artistic side of Rose is seen throughout the series. This ranges from building bird feeders, to painting a series of landscapes for a local museum. I would be remiss if I did not explore her hilariously famous St. Olaf stories. We get to see two sides to water energy with these. Certainly, her inability to get to the point of any story quickly is indicative of the flowing and unpredictable nature of water. However, for those who pay attention there is always a profound truth bubbling just below the surface waiting like a sunken treasure to be discovered.

The Actresses

As accurate birth times are not available for each of the girls, I have looked at the sum total of their elemental energy (or elemental signature) for each lady. At least to the best of my ability without an Ascendant or true Moon for each. Much like their characters, each actress is ruled by a single elemental signature, though none are the same as that of their character. This easily shows how the 4 actresses were able to balance off one another so successfully. Rue McClanahan is naturally Water, where her character is Fire. Bea Arthur is naturally Air, where her character is Earth. Estelle Getty is naturally Fire, where her character is Air. Betty White is naturally Earth, while her character is Water.

Another way to look at a natal chart is to see if the majority of the placements are Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable. Cardinal energy is pioneering and projective with an inability to let others have room to express theirselves. Fixed energy is stable, and at it’s worst stubborn. Though it is fantastic at seeing things through. Mutable energy is essentially adaptable, and excellent at tying up lose ends. As none of the four actresses were ruled by the aggressive Cardinal energy, it’s easy to see why no one’s performance eclipsed any of the other actresses. It truly was a match written in the stars.

4 thoughts on “The Astrology of The Golden Girls

  1. Judy A Conkel May 5, 2020 — 12:42 pm

    Hi Eric. Very entertaining. And very astute. Re Dorothy: I agree that good Capricorn comedians have a great sense of timing. Time being a Capricorn thing. Chronos. You might want to change one word in your post. Re Blanche: a brazier is a metal pan used to hold charcoal or burning coals (ouch!) whereas a brassiere is a woman’s undergarment.

  2. I enjoyed this but Bea Arthur was a Taurus?

    1. Yes she was! However, I have seen a few rectifies charts with her as a Cap rising😊

    2. Her character embodies Earth energy as well, which is Taurus. I only mentioned Capricorn as an example.

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