Horary Case Study

Before I begin the analysis of the chart, I would like to share that my horary method’s are taken from The Astrological Institute of Research, where I earned my Horary Certification. If you’d like to learn more about what Horary is click HERE Please note that the method’s do not follow the classical medieval rules, and were developed by Alphee Lavoie. Over several decades of statistical research he has identified a clearer understanding of horary analysis. As the world’s leading authority on horary astrology, I highly recommend taking a look at his work. Click here for Alphee’s Work.

Where is my Phone?

A friend of mine, who has given me permission to share the chart recently called me from their roommate’s phone because he couldn’t find his. He had looked everywhere and thought I might be able to help. Fortunately, I was already in front of my computer already so I was able to get to work on the question quickly. Above is the chart that was cast.

My friend is ruled by the Ascendant, which is Pisces(ruled by neptune). By the sign of Pisces and the position of Neptune, I could see very quickly my friend was in an emotional state over the phone. Of course I could hear it in his voice as well, but the chart confirmed this. To find the phone itself we must examine the 2nd house (objects). Some may argue that a phone would fall in the 3rd house, but as it is a movable possession I used the 2nd. The second house has Taurus on the cusp, so Venus is the ruler of the phone, and it’s location in the chart should tell us where the phone is located. In Gemini, it shows that we are one the right track, as Gemini rules communication.

Before we take a look at where the phone itself is, I always like to check if the item is likely to be recovered. This is accomplished by seeing if there are any applying aspects between the person asking the question and the missing object. There is a very wide square (whole sign) which is acceptable, though it is not a strong yes. We then take turns substituting the Moon for Neptune and Venus. Neither yielded any results. Substituting Mars (secondary ruler of my friend) for Neptune also did not show any aspects. At this point I was concerned that something had happened to the phone’s integrity, and it may have been destroyed. There were no signals in the chart indicating theft.

Looking now at the physical location of the phone we can see by Venus’ placement in the 3rd indicates it’s South by South East from where my friend asked the question, and possibly lost in a 3rd house way (while driving, walking, during a short travel). We look to the sign on the cusp of the 2nd to show it’s environment, which is in Taurus. This is low, dark, and possibly dirty places. It also rules sheds and stables. Given the travelling and low dark nature of the chart I immediately asked my friend if he could have left it in his car. He indicated that he had already been out to the garage and looked in and under his car.

As my friend mentioned a garage, I thought immediately of the shed and stable rulership of Taurus and Venus in the house of short distance travel. Knowing Pisces was on the ascendant and he was likely not seeing it clearly, I asked him to look again and be sure to check under his seats and in the cracks between the seats. He begrudgingly went to his car and started looking, insisting he tore his car apart. He continued to look in order to humor me and then I heard a crack. As he moved his seat forward along it’s track to get a better look he shattered his phone. The phone did come back, though it did not come back in one piece.

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