The Astrology of the 2020 Presidential Election

I will begin by saying that I have done my best to put personal politics aside, and look at each candidate with the same care and attention to detail.

This year’s election certainly appears to be a tangled mess, both astrologically as well as down here on Earth. But as the Thrice Great Hermes Trismugistus said, “As Above, So Below”. Before I begin, I must first explain the charts I will be using for the forecast. Upon review of the research of Alphee Lavoi I am making my analysis based on the rectified birth times for Donald Trump and Joseph Biden. Unfortunately, we do not have a birth time for Michael Pence, though we do for Kamala Harris. The three charts I will be using are the rectified charts of Trump, Biden, and the birth certificate timed chart for Harris. For my analysis I will be looking at the planetary energy of Election Day as well as Inauguration Day.

Election Day

Before delving into the individual charts of our two competitors, let’s first look at the day of the election itself. Both Mercury and Mars will be retrograde. However, Mercury won’t just be retrograde, it will be stationing direct, halfway through the day. From our perspective on Earth, Mercury will make a dead stop in the heavens, and neither move forward, nor backward. This stopping and changing directions will make it very difficult for polling places to get their counts together in a timely manner, and we can expect serious delays in reporting. It does not help that Mercury will be in the sign of Libra, which rules the scales of justice. Election results may need to be reviewed in a court of law. I would not expect to have a complete count for several days to a month after the election. This is compounded by Mars retrograde in Aries, which will make the majority of the American people on edge. This is the end of Mars’s retrograde motion which ends on November 13th. When Mars is retrograde, time seems to move slow, we become cranky, and agitated. We can expect to see continued protests and riots with the help of the harsh square from Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto to the Mercury.

Trump on Election Day

Tump’s Nodes are highlighted on Election Day as he will be experiencing a nodal return. When this occurs, things fall into place propelling us towards our future and is often marked by a turning point in one’s life. It is often marked by good fortune, and support from others. At the same time the nodes will also be aligned with Trump’s natal Moon. This typically represents an ending with a female in one’s life. As he is married, this will initiate a stressful time that will likely challenge that relationship. Though, it could be any important relationship with a female in his life. We will need to wait and see.

A series of 3 Quincunx’s are in play during the election for Trump. Pluto to his natal Sun, Jupiter to his Ascendant, and Saturn to his Mars. These all illustrate the need to make adjustments to work, and the potential to walk away from a position of power, and focus on personal health. However, these transits alone are not necessarily enough to indicate a loss. Trump’s solar arc Mars is making a trine to his natal Mercury at this time as well, which illustrates the need for a new direction in life, and desire for change.

The eclipse on December 14th, must also be considered as it sits on Donald Trump’s natal Sun, and Moon (interestingly enough he was also born on an eclipse). Eclipse energy is most commonly felt the 3 months leading up to it, and the 3 months after it. This places the eclipse’s effects during the election as well as the inauguration. Historically, eclipses were omens of misfortune, and disaster. However, they can also thrust us into the spotlight and force us to overturn authority figures to live our most authentic lives. For Trump, this does not bode well for his physical health, nor his popularity. Interestingly enough Pope John Paul was born on an eclipse (just like Trump), and was laid to rest on an eclipse. I think Trump will have to be very careful over the next few months, especially as he has a peak fidaria period in the first week of October, which rules both his larger cycle and the eclipse itself! Though, eclipses can often shift our direction. The preceding transits could in theory be overthrown by the eclipse.

Biden on Election Day

Election day looks rough for Biden, just like it does for Trump. On election day Neptune will be trining his natal Mars, which allows us to put vision into action, though it is difficult for good ideas to be accepted by others. Saturn will also still be opposing his natal Jupiter, which may make it difficult for him to move forward in his life. As is often the case with this transit, it can feel as though someone or something is standing right in the middle of the path, blocking the way. Biden is also still under the influence of Pluto opposing his natal Jupiter. This makes it difficult to achieve goals, and brings others to stand in the way. Legal battles are also usually promised with this aspect, that end in failure.

By Solar arc direction Mars will be making a trine to his natal Neptune, this is a mirror of the transit mentioned above. This signals a time for relaxation, vacations, and taking a break. It is not usually an ideal time to take on extra responsibilities. The same Mars will also be making a square to Biden’s natal Moon. This represents a time where life changes in ways that give us more fulfillment, lessens our workload, and allows us to spend more time at home.

The Mercury retrograde on the day of election falls in Biden’s 10th house of career and reputation. This does not bode well for new jobs and being seen in a positive public light. Mercury also makes a square to his natal Jupiter in the 8th of endings. Biden’s directed Jupiter is also in his 10th, which adds a layer of color to the Mercury/Jupiter connection.

Inauguration Day

The chart of inauguration day is a tense one. Mars and Uranus are conjunct, which is a sign of rebellion, which sits close to the ascendant on the 12pm chart in Washington DC. No matter who wins (and yes I will get to that soon), the day will be tense, explosive protests, and the possibility of military intervention. Jupiter is also making a square to the Mars/Uranus conjunction, which makes it difficult for individuals to act in moderation. The Moon is void of course in Aries. This emotional limbo is uncomfortable, and many will not be able to truly understand how they are feeling. In Aries, our instincts want to take action, though it’s usually in a counterproductive way.

Trump on Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day for Trump is a very transformative day for Trump with Pluto making an opposition to natal Venus, Saturn, and solar arc Midheaven. Pluto and Venus (the ruler of Trump’s career) promises big changes, and renewed commitment. This is particularly auspicious as he would take the oath of office again, which is indeed a renewed commitment. Pluto’s opposition to Saturn brings a great potential for power that appears dictatorial, through a lack of emotional security. The opposition to the midheaven illustrates power and transformation in terms of his career. To the 12th house, we can expect this to be not only life changing, but transformative for generations to come.

From January 19th – 21st Trump will be experiencing a very powerful astrological event called a peak period in zodiacal releasing. This peak period is ruled by Taurus, which rules his career. This indicates luck and a magnifying glass like energy focused on this area of his life. He had the same one during his inauguration in 2017. January 2021 also begins a monthly astrological profection (Profections are a time Lord System) for Venus and Taurus.

Biden on Inauguration Day

For Biden, Inauguration Day does not appear to be as fortuitous. Transiting Mars opposing his natal Mars indicates a challenging day where he will be asked to turn anger into joy. If Trump wins he will need to put on a professional face at the event. The day is also marked by feelings of agitation and frustration. Transiting Jupiter will oppose Biden’s natal Pluto. This will happen for many individuals in his age range, though it is emphasized by the transiting Pluto opposing his natal Jupiter, as it was during the election. Both indicate a period where goals are difficult to achieve. It is often the case that external forces may be thwarting his progress. There is a strong desire to make great changes in life, but an inability to do them. This does not look good for a win for Biden.

There are no Annual Profections or Zodiacal Releasing, or Peak Periods that mark any power towards his career. Instead this period is marked by Sagittarius, which rules his ascendant. In theory we could look at Jupiter which rules Sagittarius, and observe it in his 10th house of career, which would bring his career to the ascendant. This could produce a presidency, though very few other indicators in the chart appear to point in that direction.

Kamala Harris- The outlier

As Kamala Harris is on the Biden ticket, we have to ask ourselves, if her chart can push Biden over the edge to produce a win. This is where the astrology gets very interesting. On Election Day Saturn will square Harris’ natal Sun. This brings new responsibilities to the forefront of our lives, where we must rise to the challenge. This also promises success and increases standing within the community. A square from the same Saturn to her natal Moon suggests external forces are about to place new stress on her home and personal life. Finding the balance here can cause great discomfort, and a vice-presidency would certainly do that to her personal life.

Neptune makes a harsh opposition to her natal Venus during the time between the election and Inauguration Day. This puts another strain on her personal relationships, and someone in her life is behaving in a confusing and strange manner. This does not bode well for her professional relationship with Biden. There is a lack of clarity here, making it difficult for her to feel secure with work associates. This also makes it difficult for her to make clear plans. Though it is likely due to the uncertainty of the election results.

The Nodes on election day make a sextile and trine to Mars. Changes of some kind will propel Harris in a new direction. To a certain extent people are going to suddenly enter and leave her life, as she is presented with new opportunities. With Mars in play, it is likely to surround a male relative, colleague, or mentor. Overall, this is a a fortunate transit, that can produce untold success.

On Inauguration Day Harris will have a Moon conjunct Moon which signals a new cycle. Her solar arc Moon also comes to the ascendant. This often brings with it a new job after long hard work that is finally paying off. The solar arc Sun is also on the 7th house cusp. Business relationships are highlighted, which looks good for a vice presidency. Though we cannot overrule the potential for her to be president herself!

Final Thoughts

Interestingly Biden has a stronger election day than Trump, yet Trump has a stronger inauguration Day than Biden. With Harris in the mix, she brings a great deal of strength to both the election and inauguration. Unfortunately, without Pence’s information it would be unfair to make a claim about Harris’s influence on Biden. We saw similar patterns in the 2016 election, though not nearly as much legal intervention. If I was a betting man (and it just so happens I am) I would give Trump the odds of being president again. Though it looks like it is going to take legal action for him to achieve this. The only way for Trump to lose would be if Pence has a weaker chart than Harris. If this the case then Biden will win the election.

2 thoughts on “The Astrology of the 2020 Presidential Election

  1. Very interesting Eric….I agree a lot of chaos in the works……However, my inner being is saying Biden will be President ….. It might take the Supreme Court but Biden will be President….I do however feel Harris will be President within the first four years. Well that is my gut….

    1. Thanks for the response! I hope your gut is right. We need a change. The only hope is I was unable to asses Pence’s chart, which could play against Trump winning.

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