Horary: Meeting with Employer

All questions and charts provided are with the consent of the Querrent

The Question and Background

This querrent (person asking the question) had been having difficulty with their employer, and was recently brought in to the HR department to be reprimanded. During the first meeting the HR representative said they would be in contact with them at a later date. Several days later querrent received a call from their company’s HR department asking them to come in to the office before beginning their shift. When I received the call, the querrent asked how the meeting would go, and specifically were they going to get written up or fired. I noted the time I understood the question, and got to work on answering it as soon as I could.


The querrent is ruled Sagittarius with Jupiter in Capricorn in the first house. The Employer is ruled by Libra, with Venus in Leo in the 8th house. The first thing I noticed was the state of the querrent with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn conjunct in the 1st house. This clearly demonstrates the anxiety and feelings of being stuck that they are currently feeling. The employer has Mercury in their house, demonstrating the desire to have a conversation. Interestingly enough it is making a separating sextile to the ascendant illustrating the recent connection (phone call) between the two.

There is no aspect between Venus and Jupiter, which isn’t all together a bad sign, but it’s not necessarily a good one either. The only applying aspect between a ruler of the querrent and the employer is a square from Mercury to Saturn. This indicates tension related to communication and rules ( the querrent was initially reprimanded for a communication issue, and false claims against their behavior)

Now we must look at the mind and words of the employer, before assessing the meeting itself. The thoughts of the employer is the 3rd from the 10th (12th house) in Sagittarius. Because the querrent and the mind of the employer are ruled by the same sign, we can conclude that the employer will find favor with with querrent. Moving onto the meeting itself we must look at the 3rd house. Pisces rules the house, and Neptune is in Pisces in the 3rd. There is a lack of clarity with this signature, and the square to the ascendant seems to illustrate that the querrent may be confused by the outcome, with no clearly defined boundaries.

Finally, I looked at the Moon, which can give us information about how things will turn out. The Moon’s last aspect before leaving Scorpio is a sextile to the Sun in the 9th house. This seems to indicate higher authority, litigation, courts of law, and a wider circle of contacts, especially as the Moon is coming from a position of allies in the 11th.


It is immediately clear that the querrent will not be terminated at the meeting. There is confusion surrounding the meeting itself, and I informed the querrent that it does not look like a formal right up, but perhaps a verbal warning in written form. I also told them to expect to feel confused afterwards, but to look to another person for assistance with the issue. At this time I did not indicate it would be necessary to contact a lawyer, but a higher authority may be needed.


The querrent was not fired, and they did indicate that the meeting was indeed confusing. They were told they were not getting written up, but were given a statement to sign to be placed in their employee file. This seems to confirm the horary’s verbal warning in written form. I can confirm the person in power/legal support. However, I have been asked not share any details about that online.

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